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Friday , September 17 2021


CAIRO, July 22, (Agencies): The Arab Parliament said Thursday it fully supports Kuwait’s recent measures aimed at preserving its security, stability, and safety. These measures include reducing the number of Iranian diplomats in the country, closing down Iranian cultural missions along with other affiliate offices, and halting all activities related to Kuwaiti-Iranian joint committees, the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry announced earlier.

“The Arab Parliament urges the international community, particularly the UN and all its affiliated-agencies, to condemn Tehran’s interferences in Arab states’ interior affairs,” Dr Mishaal Al-Salami, Speaker of Arab Parliament, said in a statement. These interferences contradict the policies of good neighborly relations, respecting other countries’ sovereignty and territorial integrity, moral and humanitarian values, and violate all international charters and national constitutions, said Al-Salami.

He also valued the Kuwaiti people’s unified stance under the wise leadership of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. The Arab Parliament Speaker also commended the successful proactive efforts exerted by the Kuwaiti security agencies in foiling plots aimed at instituting vandalism, destruction, and chaos in the country. Yemen on Friday announced its support to measures taken by authorities in Kuwait against Iran’s diplomatic mission in the State of Kuwait.

The Republic of Yemen stands by Kuwait against any act that undermines the security and stability of the country and the Kuwaiti people, the foreign ministry said in a statement, cited by official Saudi Press Agency (SPA). The ministry commended the measures adopted by the State of Kuwait to preserve its security and stability.

Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry announced Thursday that it informed the Iranian diplomatic mission to reduce the number of diplomats, close the embassy’s technical offices and suspending joint committees. A foreign ministry sources said the decision was in light of Iranian parties’ support of what was known as Abdali terror cell members. He added that the Iranian Ambassador was informed of the decision.

Letter of protest

Meanwhile, the State of Kuwait delivered a memo of protest to the Lebanese government, urging it to assume its responsibilities towards irresponsible practices by Hezbollah, a component of the government. This came in a statement by Kuwait’s Ambassador to Lebanon Abdelaal Al-Qenaei, in comments to what has been posted on social media regarding a cable sent by the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry to Lebanon after a verdict by Kuwait’s Court of Cassation in relation to a “terror” cell known as “Al-Abdali cell”.

The verdict affirmed involvement of Hezbollah in intelligence, coordination of meetings, payment of funds, and provision of weapons and training on Lebanese territory with the aim of destroying the basic infrastructure of the State of Kuwait, the statement added. The ambassador said Kuwait called on the Lebanese government to take measures in order to deter such “heinous” practices by Hezbollah, it noted. He stressed Kuwait’s keenness on maintaining and promoting distinguished brotherly relations with Lebanon.

In September 2015, the public prosecution indicted a number of individuals for acts that threatened national security and unity. The defendants were accused of providing intelligence to Iran and Hezbollah as well as housing weapons, ammunition and communication devices.

Contradictions revealed

Investigations with the relatives and friends of the 16 members of the so-called “Abdavli Cell”, who have reportedly escaped to Iran via sea, have revealed several contravdictions as well as testimonies, reports Al-Anba daily quoting informed security sources. They explained that a number of these relatives and friends claimed they are unaware of the current location of the suspects and are unsure if the latter are inside or outside Kuwait. On the other hand, some others indicated the possibility that some of the suspects could still be in Kuwait while the rest may have escaped.

The sources affirmed that it is not possible to determine whether the statements made by the relatives are true or not. They indicated that Ministry of Interior has taken into consideration the possibility of attempts to mislead the security apparatus with the aim of diverting the intensive security measures and actions taken by the ministry to arrest the suspects.

Meanwhile, other security sources said the step taken by Kuwait to reduce the number of Iranian diplomats in the Iranian Embassy of Kuwait could be based on intelligence information and systems affiliated to State Security concerning the involvement of diplomats in the escape of the convicts.

They explained that the coverage of the search for the 16 terrorist suspects has been expanded. Relevant sectors of Ministry of Interior have sent circulars with the names and photographs of the outlaws to all border checkpoints and patrol teams. The ministry has also posted photographs of the suspects in various cooperative societies, commercial complexes and hospitals so that citizens and residents with information about these suspects can contribute to the arrest of the latter.

The sources said the ministry has prepared a plan for the arrest of the suspects within days, revealing that several security systems are working on carrying out raids, following-up suspicious cases and combing through various suspected areas.

They affirmed that the ministry will abide by all legal regulations for ensuring the arrest process is carried out without any obstacles. For instance, it carried out many raids of houses, livestock pens and farms after obtaining permits from the Public Prosecution.

Regarding the information circulating on social media about the revocation of citizenship of the fugitives and their families, the sources insisted that this information is untrue, stressing, “Matters related to citizenships, and their revocation, are regarded as sovereign matters”.

In addition, they indicated that the ministry received several reports from citizens and residents about people who were suspected to be the fugitives but those reports turned out to be false and none of the fugitives has yet been arrested.

In another development, Assistant Secretary General of the Political Office of Kuwait Democratic Platform Ali Hussein Al-Awadi affirmed the significance of protecting the unity of Kuwaiti society from any attempts to bring about divisions, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Speaking to the daily, Al-Awadi said the security situation in Kuwait requires mobilization of concerned bodies based on legal procedures without any kind of arbitrariness, indicating that Kuwait Democratic Platform has warned about this matter in more than one occasions.

He urged the security sector of the country to perform its roles and responsibilities without being affected by any imposing factors, highlighting the need to hold a parliamentary session for discussing the dimensions of this issue.

The Public Prosecutor General Dherar Al-Asousi has issued a warrant for the arrest of ten members of the so-called “Abdalli Cell” who have been sentenced to life imprisonment but have not yet been brought in for enforcement of the sentence. Their names have been added to the wanted list (red bulletin), reports Al-Qabas daily quoting an informed source.

He indicated that the Public Prosecution has called for the arrest of any of the suspects by Interpol if they are proved to be outside Kuwait, as a precautionary security measure, along with the order for their immediate arrest in Kuwait.

The source clarified that travel bans were imposed on the suspects last February, not after the Court of Cassation issued its verdict.

Meanwhile, Professor of Political Sciences Dr Abdullah Al-Nofaisi posted on his Twitter account that the escape of the Abdali Cell convicts from prison to outside Kuwait proves the level of Iranian infringement in Kuwait in all aspects including security aspect.

He insisted that the National Assembly must hold Minister of Interior accountable for this matter, at least by removing him from his position through a vote of no-confidence.

In addition, political activist Dr Obaid Al-Wasmi praised the step taken by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in reducing the number of Iranian diplomats in Kuwait.


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