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Monday , January 30 2023

Aprons of lead & ‘mouthwash’

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The medical case often requires taking X-rays or CT scans, the latter is a form of computer tomography that processes data, and gives a much more accurate result than ordinary rays.

X-rays are often required when visiting the dentist or when performing a mammogram, through dozens of cases of joint pain, fractures, etc., and what many do not know is that these rays, despite their necessity, have great side risks, especially if they are not conducted according to specific rules.

The visitor or the patient might be exposed to the risk of developing cancer, especially glands in women.

A friend sent me a text related to a television lecture by the Turkish-American doctor Mohammad Oz, in which he mentioned that the most common type of cancer among women these days is thyroid cancer, and the reason may have to do with the way X-rays are used for dental imaging and mammograms, that is, mammography in women, after a certain age, the leniency in taking the necessary precautions, out of ignorance or negligence, from the patient or from the radiologist.

The effect of CT scan is equivalent to two hundred times the risk of ordinary X-rays, yet it is often dealt with lightly, and this is part from the ignorance of some patients or neglect of the specialist, and the lack of responsibility on the part of the latter regarding the correct way to protect the glands and internal organs of the body from the danger of radiation, and the lack of care to properly wear personal protection aprons.

The radiation-protective aprons are made of lead material to protect glands and other internal body organs from the dangers of diagnostic radiation harmful to workers and patients, as we find that the protective shirt we wear when doing dental X-rays, for example, has a back or an extra piece on top that can be lifted and cover the neck to protect the gland from the danger of radiation, and this is something that does not require the specialist to pay much attention to when performing dental X-rays, for example, and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to this matter, especially women, because of its danger, and draw the attention of family members to the need to wear these protective gowns in a proper manner.

Doctors also advise avoiding the use of mouthwash, of all kinds, after brushing the teeth. This rinse eliminates oral bacteria, thus the mouth stops producing nitric oxide, which helps expand blood vessels, and this raises blood pressure in many, which is a fatal disease.

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By Ahmad alsarraf