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‘Appeals’ overturns verdict, grants couple permission to get married

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 2: The Appeals Court presided over Judge Khalid Al-Mandeel canceled the verdict of the Court of First Instance which refused the marriage between a Sunni woman and a Bedoun Shiite. The court granted the couple permission to get married. Attorney Dhari Al- Zufairi argued that his client is 28 years old and she has the right to select her husband, and the man who wants to marry her is also a Muslim irrespective of his doctrine, and it does not defy her religion. According to the mother of his client, the man is well-mannered and capable of providing good life for the daughter. Therefore, the negative response from the lady’s brother is not reasonable—although he is her guardian.

 ‘Lift travel ban’: The Complaints Section of the Court of First Instance chaired by Judge Dhari Taher ordered the lifting of travel ban against a Kuwaiti woman who owes a commercial company KD 4,000. In a lawsuit filed by Attorney Khawlah Al- Hasawi on behalf of the plaintiff, the company was granted the request to ban the woman from traveling when she failed to fulfill the financial commitment. The lawyer insisted the act violated the right of her client since she showed no sign of fleeing the country for a debt of KD 4000, given that she’s a Kuwaiti citizen. She argued that her client was not given two weeks notice in line with Article 297 of the Penal Code.

2 acquitted of drugs use: The Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Mut’eb Al- Aradhi, acquitted a citizen and a Pakistani of possessing hashish despite the evidence from Forensics that the accused consumed the narcotic substance, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Court files indicate the arresting police officer spotted a vehicle parked on the side of the road in Khaitan but in a manner that it obstructed traffic movement, so he approached the vehicle. In his testimony, the arresting officer mentioned that while he was asking the driver of the vehicle to present identification documents, he spotted a piece of cigarette on the vehicle’s ashtray and the driver said it belonged to his friend – a passenger in the vehicle. The police searched the passenger and found with him two dark suspicious-looking substances which were later determined to be hashish, in addition to some tools for consuming drugs. In their defense was Attorney Abdallah Al-Alanda, who pleaded before the court to nullify the unjustified search and stopping of his clients for they were not under any suspicious circumstances stipulated by the law while the medical forensic tests were conducted illegally.

3-years jail for dud cheque: The Appeals Circle of the Misdemeanors Court sentenced a citizen to three years in jail for issuing a dud cheque worth KD 500,000 to his girlfriend to convince her about the genuineness of his proposal to marry her, reports Al- Shahed daily.

Petition rejected: A court rejected petition an expatriate filed against a citizen to evacuate a shop and settle delayed dues. Attorney Faisal Aba Al-Khail proved that the plaintiff is an expert in swindling people and has no business with his client ‘the defendant’. He asked Experts Department to visit the shop for assessment and discovered that the place was closed, and no commodity was found. He asked the court to reject the petition because the contract between the plaintiff and the defendant is null and void, and Kuwaiti law bans any expatriate from conducting business in the country without a Kuwaiti partner.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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