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Appeals court amends verdict in man, ex-wife row over cash

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KUWAIT CITY, March 7: The Family Circuit of the Court of Appeals rejected the appeal presented by a Kuwaiti citizen. It amended the verdict issued by a lower court, which obliged the citizen to pay KD 7,000 for buying two cars for his disabled children who are under the custody of his ex-wife. The court instead ordered him to pay his ex-wife KD 8,000.

Representing the ex-wife was Lawyer Mohammad Al-Sayegh who filed the lawsuit against the citizen, obliging him to pay his client the cost of two cars to be used for the needs of his disabled children.

Lawyer Al-Sayegh appeared before the Court of Appeals and presented the court with three arrest warrants from a car-rental company, and the salary certificate of his client. He called for refusing the appeal, and requested the lower court’s verdict to be reviewed in a manner that will facilitate the purchase of the two vehicles required by the two disabled children who are under his client’s custody.

Musician released: Detention renewal judge ordered the release of a musician who is famous on social media after he was arrested for committing a traffic offense and mocking an officer. Earlier, the security apparatus arrested the accused after posting a video clip on social media in which he appeared to be verbally assaulting a traffic officer.
He was later referred to the Public Prosecution. The accused, an Iraqi musician, had posted on his “Snapchat” account a video clip mocking the traffic officer who had confiscated his driving license, commenting: “he earns in an hour what the traffic officer earns in a month”, and “the price of his wristwatch exceeds the salary of the officer who issued him a traffic violation”.

Appeal dismissed: The Court of Cassation dismissed an appeal filed by a former MP and others against a three-year suspension of a two year jail term in a case on buying of votes during parliamentary elections.
In its ruling, the court said it has the right to suspend a jail term that does not exceed two years, or a fine if it finds the moral of the accused, or his past, age and circumstances of the crime do not warrant him to repeat the same crime. The court obliges such a defendant to sign a good conduct pledge not to repeat the same crime again. When the period for the suspension of the punishment expires, the ruling is considered as though it wasn’t issued in the first place.

Ex-footballer acquitted: The Criminal Court acquitted a former footballer who was accused of posting on “Twitter” an allegedly offensive statement against the Amiri status. The Public Prosecution had charged the suspect with posting on his Twitter account the offensive statement against the Amir and his authority, using his mobile phone. He was discharged because he was regarded as a first-time offender.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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