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An opportunity for reflection

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This is the fifth consecutive year I have written an article in the Holy Month of Ramadan for the Arab Times! This Holy Month comes every year to remind us of valuable meanings and teachings we sometimes get too busy in life to pay attention to. Kindness, compassion and reflection are all aspects the Holy Month is associated with. Specifically, reflection is very important for us to stay on track and evaluate how we are doing in life in general. I want to share with the readers for this year how reflection is an essential technique to learn and better yourself. Reflection helps us understand the ambiguity in many situations. It helps us analyze overall circumstances and therefore help us to understand the big picture in order to move in the right direction.

I personally look at self-reflection as thinking deeply about our own behavior and associated actions turn it into a learning event. The month of Ramadan is a good period of the year to spend time to review what we have accomplished, and how we handled situations in general. I usually ask myself a number of questions when I self-reflect, for example: ‘What has made this year so far good or not so good?’ ‘Have I accomplished all or some of my goals?’ ‘What did I do well and where could I have done better?’ ‘What new things did I learn from certain situations or challenges?’ And finally, ‘what changes do I need to make in the future?’.

These self-reflection questions help me reframe my experiences in life in general in the past six months or year which then guides me to make better New Year’s resolutions and how to make things better in the future. Overall, self-reflection is a technique to help lead a better, happier and more successful peaceful life. And finally, always remember to take care of yourself and each other and let’s always remember to respect one another. I would like to wish everyone a Ramadan Kareem and a happy Eid in advance, until next year’s article…

By Tarek Aleryan

TV Announcer and Producer



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