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Ample supply of mullet fish in country – Auction only after Asr prayers

Baskets of mullet fish (meid) waiting to be auctioned

KUWAIT CITY, July 4: Chairman of Kuwait Fishermen Union Dhahar Al-Suyan has affirmed that there is an increase in supply of mullet fish (meid) amid the increase in demand for fish in the country.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Al- Suyan indicated the interest of consumers to buy fresh mullet fish in the mornings as was the case before. However, concerned state authorities are preventing sale until the auction time which is in the afternoon after Asr prayers.

He revealed that mullet and sabour fish in the past were sold all day long in the yards without waiting to be auctioned, but the new regulation prohibits this, insisting on selling all fish in the auction after Asr prayers.

Al-Suyan said consumers are wondering why the sale of fish is delayed to the auction after Asr prayers when fish are available in plenty in the yard of the fish market and they had gotten used to buying fish especially mullet fish any time they wanted. He affirmed that the areas where mullet fishing was allowed are east of Auha, Miskan, Failaka, and Boubyan islands — mostly in eastern areas of the country where mullet fish are available in plenty.

Al-Suyan called for allowing fishing in Kuwaiti Bay under supervision of Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) just like before.

By Abdulnasser Al-Aslami Al-Seyassah Staff

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