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Sunday , October 20 2019

Amir of honor, Kuwait’s honor

SABAH AL-AHMAD – Amir’s honor is Kuwait’s honor. Why not? He is the only person on Earth who has been given the title, ‘Humanitarian Leader’, by nations on this planet due to his wisdom and sense of humanitarian responsibility towards our brothers in existence, without any ethnic or religious discrimination.

For 13 years, we have been living and continue to live in a school of wisdom where we learn devotion in national service. This made Kuwait surpass other countries in political presence from the position chosen by its top diplomat master – mediation to solve conflicts between countries and bridge gaps.

This position is based on HH the Amir’s conviction that peace has unlimited benefits, while wars and crises increase the world’s miseries. Since he started working in public domains, Sabah Al- Ahmad endeavored for Kuwait to embark on an enlightening mission in the Arab world.

He started it regionally 61 years ago and he interpreted it through his duties as foreign minister. Hence, whenever we talk about Kuwait’s legacy of knowledge in comparison with other foreign relations, we are talking about the legacy as built by this historic man by all standards.

Sabah Al-Ahmad is not just a ruler remembered by history; he is also an expert in managing emotions, positions and productivity, not even one step is insufficient or out of place. Kuwait has witnessed various events over the past years.

Most of the time, we were quick to take a decision; but we later realized his sagacity and wisdom which led us to a proper solution that was beneficial to Kuwait and its people without withdrawing from the democratic course. He emphasizes the importance of the youths’ role in all his speeches on national building, because he looks towards the future and molds it in a manner that refines the essence with a father’s love for his children.

With that, he instills in them, through his spontaneity and transparency, hope for a better tomorrow if they follow the determination of past generations in terms of facing challenges, up to a point when Kuwait became the Pearl of the Gulf.

Today, it is regaining its role through a series of mega projects implemented during his reign – whether in health, education or culture. Kuwait has been enjoying peace, security and stability throughout the 13 years of Sabah Al-Ahmad’s reign. Its ship has been facing regional and global storms under the leadership of an experienced captain and a person with relentless determination.

We pray to the Almighty to prolong this honor for Kuwait, perpetuated by Sabah Al-Ahmad on a daily basis. May the Almighty bless him with health and well-being for Kuwait to continue under his leadership, which would open new pages of honor and glory in the course of development, and to maintain his constant smile of hope.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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