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Saturday , August 24 2019

Amal Abbas returns after undergoing treatment in India

Morale very high after warm welcome

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 2: Kuwaiti actress Amal Abbas returned to the country after undergoing treatment in India, reports Al Rai daily.

“Many thanks to the people of Kuwait, I feel good, thank you for your prayers.” With these words, the actress expressed her joy and gratitude to everyone who prayed for her health and wellness, pointing out that her condition has improved a lot although the right side of her heart is completely damaged according to the diagnosis of doctors during her period of treatment and tests in India.

She said her morale is very high, especially after the warm welcome she received from relatives and loved ones upon arrival at Kuwait International Airport.

“During the course of my treatment, I underwent several tests, along with cardiac catheterization twice and treatment of the liver from fibrosis, but doctors told me that the right side of my heart is completely damaged and it is no longer fit as before,” the renowned actress said.

“Praise be to Allah. In any case, this is Allah’s will and there is no objection to that.” She thanked everyone who congratulated her on her safe return to the homeland after a difficult period on the sickbed.

The actress had earlier underwent surgery to install a battery in her heart at Mubarak Hospital, but her condition worsened which prompted her to undergo treatment abroad.

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