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All that people need is available, no need for panic

KUWAIT CITY, March 31: The coronavirus crisis hitting the world and Kuwait shed light on unknown soldiers, as they continue to work day and night on the frontlines, defying every danger and ensuring the strategic stock of goods, foodstuffs, and other commodities for the people of Kuwait and expatriates, reports Al-Anba daily.

Among the soldiers are customs men standing as a single entity amid mutual support to expedite action to secure goods and commodities, so they enter the Kuwaiti market to alleviate fear and panic from the people. On a tour of the administration, the correspondent met Director General Jamal Al- Jalawi who works hard to make the sector a driving factor in facing the crisis. Counselor Al-Jalawi declared: “We would like to focus on the fact that every event that arises creates panic, especially as panic has been escalating in stages and the people did not take it serious at the beginning.

As always, government’s media communication center led by our brother Tariq Al-Muzram appeals and repeats, saying ‘O my good people, the information should be taken from its source, which is the correct government channels, and rumor does not benefit you citizens as it will only mislead, terrify and scare your children and family.’”

“We, in the General Administration of Customs have accurate statistics for each commodity. We supply the daily quantities that enter, and then dispatch to concerned authorities, headed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. “By looking at the statistics received in January, February and March 2020 compared to that of 2018-2019, the amount of goods (basic and non-essential foodstuffs, medicines and medical supplies) is on the increase. For this reason, we should understand, once we see the shelves of societies full, that we are safe unlike other countries.

“The Prime Minister and his ministers always and periodically repeat that the strategic stock is very good, and that movement of goods through sea and airports and land freight is proceeding in accordance with medical instructions.” Al-Jalawi appealed to the people of Kuwait and those who live on their lands not to panic, saying things are fine and everything is going well. He assured that everything the people need is available in abundance, asking the Almighty Allah to protect Kuwait and its people from all harm.

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