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Wednesday , January 29 2020

‘All ministries, govt bodies need to link fingerprint devices with CSC’

Kuwait Liberal Movement protests against censorship by ‘Info’

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 30: The Civil Service Commission (CSC) said all ministries and government institutions and agencies are obliged to link the fingerprint attendance devices with the CSC, reports Al-Anba daily quoting the CSC sources.

The aim is to enable the concerned department in the CSC to follow up the data and ensure that all parties comply with the rules and regulations circulated by the CSC, the sources added.

The sources added the CSC will install a new automated system that will link all government authorities, ministries and government institutions, and this system will oblige all those who have not linked their fingerprint devices to the Civil Service Commission.

The sources confirmed after the completion of the process it will enable the CSC to ensure that all government agencies are committed to the implementation of fingerprint attendance by all employees without exception. Meanwhile, Kuwait Liberal Movement organized a sit-in recently at Erada Square to condemn and protest against the censorship practiced by the Ministry of Information which banned a number of books, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The protesters claimed the ministry is fighting against freedom in a democratic country, affirming they will continue the protest if the ministry does not stop its anti-freedom practices while urging the MPs to intervene.

College of Law Professor at Kuwait University Fatma Al-Matar disclosed this is the third sit-in in the current month, calling for cancellation of censorship.

She thanked MP Khalid Al-Shatti for taking steps towards the ministry and submitting queries to the information minister.

Al-Matar said the ministry pointed out that censorship applies only to books deemed offensive to religion and belief. If this is true, what about the books replying to arguments of infidels? she wondered. Writer Dr Hamad Al-Ansari rejected the censorship practiced by the ministry as it curtails freedoms which include intellectual and personal rights.


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