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‘All are presidents and all are doctors in our world’

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An American proverb says: “Too many chiefs but not enough Indians, meaning that everyone wants to give orders, but no one wants to carry them out!

Among the manifestations of countries whose peoples fail to make any real civilized achievement is their quest to compensate for the shortfall with false claims, and the pursuit of false exaggeration figures. Perhaps we are the biggest number of people in the world who hold university and doctorate degrees, compared to our population, bearing in mind that a majority of these certificates, if true, are not really needed.

The story of forged, unaccredited or unrecognized certificates is similar to the story of the DNA Act. The law was approved by the National Assembly, but the danger of implementing the law became clear and therefore it was ignored or applied in the narrowest limits and through certain security agencies.

The same thing happened with the illegal certificates, especially the higher ones, after it became clear the extent of the scandal that would explode if the certificate of each official was reviewed. Therefore, it was decided to stop the work of the investigation committees in various parties, and to be satisfied with what has been reviewed, and to apply strict conditions to the recognition of new ones, and leave the rest for time to expire, either with the retirement of the holder or his resignation or death!

On the other hand, we see a worrying rush of high school graduates to enroll in universities, as the majority of these will end up working in administrative jobs, knowing that we need blue collar workers (laborers). Even those who have studied its practical specialties do not want to work in it, including professionals, graduates of religious institutes and colleges, and others, and they number in thousands.

A scandal broke out recently in Lebanon and Iraq after it became clear that three Lebanese universities, belonging to reputable religious, Shiite and Sunni parties, that granted Iraqi citizens over the past few years more than 27,000 university degrees in various disciplines, with none of them ever entering the premises of those universities.

This is in addition to the fact that the doctorate degree granted by many Islamic universities, whether in the subjects of biography, creed, jurisprudence and Hadith, as an extension of the topics of menstruation, postpartum bleeding and stomach gas that have nothing to do with science, and therefore no scientific community or a respectable university can, in any country in the world would recognize it as the majority of its holders are originally text memorizers and are not innovators in their specialty field, as is supposed to hold a philosophy degree, while senior clergymen allow studying it and hold the degree.

I have also recently received several invitations to participate in seminars on “the resumed senior executive leadership”, and to attend the “upcoming leadership summit” and others, most of which allow the participant to obtain a doctorate.

All information about these seminars is available on the Internet, and all you need is to register for them, buy a cheap ticket, and book a room in a 2-star hotel and return with a doctorate all for 200 dinars.

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By Ahmad alsarraf