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Wednesday , March 29 2023

Al-Seihan stable accomplish hat-trick – Benghazi wins 2,400 meter race

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Photo taken from the event
Photo taken from the event

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 31: The eighth competitive meeting at the Farwaniya Equestrian Club was witness to an array of surprises with Al-Seihan stable accomplishing a hat-trick in the presence of spectators led by the Secretary General of Jahra Equestrian Club Nasser Al-Khaldi, the club Manager Abdul-Rahman Mashhour, and senior officials of the Farwaniya Equestrian Club.

The major focus of the day was the 2,000 meters third category race in which the horse Watban from Al-Seihan stable ridden by Steve sprang a surprise by beating Jahra Equestrian Club Cup within 2.17 minutes. Coming closely behind in the second position was the horse Qayed Al-Tahrir from Saqer Al-Mutairi stable controlled by Du, while the horse Kuf Al-Karim from Owayed stable with Jockey Louis occupied the third position.

Nasser Al-Khaldi presented the cup to the winner, and congratulated Farwaniya Equestrian Club for a well organized tournament.

He also thanked the officials for cooperating with their counterparts from Jahra to host tournaments every Saturday.

In the 2,400-meter race, the horse Benghazi from Al-Shilahi stable ridden by Sabq finished the race in 2.5 minutes to take the first place, followed by the horse Al-Shara’awi from Saqer Al-Mutairi stable controlled by Du, and the horse Heyaf from Manahi Al-Qena stable with McCarthy claimed the third position. Mubarak Al-Dehani presented the trophy to the winning stable.

The horse Harba from Al-Seihan stable ridden by Mansour took the first position in the 1,400 race within 1.33 minutes, edging the horse Athbah Enti from Manahi stable controlled by Nasser to the second position, while Satwouh from Me’jab stable occupied the third position under Jockey Salem. Al-Dehani and senior equestrian officials joined hands to present trophy to Al-Seihan stable.

In the 1,200-meter second category race, the horse Lioyoun Tahrir from Mohammad Abu Sheibah Sons stable won the trophy under Mansour in 1.18 minutes ahead of the horse Al-Hadhrami controlled by Steve, and the horse Burj Al-Raya ridden by McCarthy from Al-Seihan stable occupied the third place. Al-Dehani presented trophy to the winning stable.

In the 1,600-meter third category race, the horse Liaynak from Al-Seihan stable controlled by Abdil won within 1.49 minutes, while the horse Adhan from Al-Obaid stable finished second under Du ahead of the horse Hawran from Maharib stable ridden by Tawfiq took the third position. Al-Dehani presented trophy to Al-Seihan stable as champion of the category.