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Al-Qassem All-Stars maintain General Members’ Cup top spot – NUSANTARA defeated but still join ‘Super 6’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 24: Expect the unexpected in every bowling competition and there was no exemption on Friday’s game in the seventh eliminations rounds of the 2018 Philippine Bowling Associations in Kuwait General Members’ Cup Team Tournament at the Kheifan’s COZMO Bowling Center. Unexpected things happened: of the six scheduled matches, five teams crushed their opponents in three straight sets; Nusantara suffered defeat but luck did not desert the Indonesian team instead doubled the prosperity and place them in the “Super 6”; Al Qassem All Stars maintained the number one position for seven consecutive weeks winning 50% a week lane fee. The teams that posted victory were Haribon Slazers, COZMO, Kuwait National Exchange Co, SKARZ, Asian Air Safari and Al Qassem All Stars.

Feeling diffident in facing the high and mighty team in no-win situation, the lucky Nusantara acquiesced to play their best even they lose the match. Top rank Al Qassem All Stars swept the 3-game series against the Indonesian team 1,053-955, 1,030- 971, 1,141-1,011 (3,249-2,937). All Stars prolific scorers were Fadel Al Qassem 266/191/189 (646) and Mousa Abdullah 244/178/202 (624), Abdul Aziz Al Aslawi (596), Hanadi Mezaiel (541) and Ali Jawli (519) while NUSANTARA top pointer was Ali Al Qassem (562), Ahmad Fahmi (546), Saleh Al Faraj *473), Gantosori Tanjung (471 and Erlisa Gantosori (441). With the win-lose results, Al Qassem remain the number one team while Nusantara joined the elite group.

Posting fifth victory out of seven outings, KNEC Strikers swept the 3-game series against Swooping Eagles 3,039-2,678 to avenge its defeat in its encounter with the All Stars. With the win, the Exchange King still clutched the second highest position while Swooping Eagles was ejected from the top 6 and nursing in the seventh position. KNEC top pointer was Ibrahim Dubayan with his 239, 175, 175 (593) followed by Mohammad Karam (544), Neveen Wasel (528), Ali Al Qattan (524) and Feras Al Muhareb (513) while Swooping Eagles high scorer was Riz Roque (513), Glen Corbitt (498), Alonzo Bush (461), Danny Solis (439), Jessica Balagat (217) and Mona Corpuz (112).

The sluggish Asian Air Safari with alternate win-lose record dominated the game against the Original Pin Killers in their encounter sweeping all games 1,050-945, 1,009-953, 9,62-919 (3,046-2817). The superb performances of Asian Air trio’s Aseel Al Roumi with his three game points 202, 257, 215 (674), Salem Hajras 202, 210, 161 (573) and Basil Al Enezi’s 205, 191, 175 (571) led to the victory. They were assisted by Aqeel Al Farisy (492), Hermie Saliba (256), Maricel Montero (114) while OPK bowlers were Rashid Aker Ali (556), Ahmed Fadil Karam (554), Ishaaq Al Waahid (435), Ali Al Shatti (424) and Alma Turley (289). With the win-lose results still these two teams were outside the elite circle.

The only puny team that survived murderous defeat was the Pongky Strikers when they won the first game against the 4-man team COZMO 963- 921, but in the second and third game the much favored bowling specialists prevailed 884- 834, 982- 917 snatching the victory with the score of 2812- 2714. COZMO team top scorer was Noe Mahayag (554) assisted by Alex Cervantes (494), Neng Cervantes (469) and Lito Michael (461) while Spongky Strikers’ high scorer was Imelda Calingasan (437), followed by Adolfo Prena (429), Mohammad Othman (392), Cathy Fernandes (369), Rose Saliba (227) and Gener Calingasan (183).

Finally, Haribon Slazers continued its fourth winning streak and the fifth loss of “X” Strikers 2989-2753. The top scorer was Rudy Delima (562) assisted by Sonia Mathews (500), Mar Evangelista (494), Joel Tizon (472) and Moises Amahan (471) while “X” Strikers top pointer was Joe Presenta (541) supported by Rocky Castil (483), Cris Carungay (478), Bima Nitikusumo (231), Abel Nitikudumo (287) and Imelda Daguio (212). “X” Strikers were also fortunate, although losing tremendously still holding the sixth place. The SKARZ bowlers posted its second win against the tail-ender Angelfire 2,669-2,278. SKARZ bowlers with their scores were John Fernandes (460), Amaldo Fernandes (441), Stephen Sequera (397), Soloman Moraes (378) and Fatima Fernandes (286) while the all lady bowlers Angelfire who played courageously were Eden Evangelista (408), Chat Sarne (324), Maryam Ali (307), Isha Al Bakit (259) and Fatima Jassem Mahdi (156).

Week    Team Weekly High Series Score

1          Al Qassem All Stars         – 3001

2          Al Qassem All Stars         – 3165

3          KNEC Strikers                 – 3214

4          Al Qassem All Stars         – 3056

5          Haribon Slazers                – 3022

6          “X’ Strikers                      – 2960

7          Al Qassem All Stars         – 3124


Team    No.  Position      No. of Weeks

(Consecutive Weeks)  7

Winner: Al Qassem All Stars

Seventh Round Standing: 1. Al Qassem All Stars (21,791); 2. KNEC Strikers (20,863.5); 3. Haribon Slazers (20,567); 4. COZMO Bowling Team (20,344); 5. Nusantara (20,060.5); 6. ‘‘X’’ Strikers (20,005.5); 7. Swooping Eagles (19,976); 8. Pongky Strikers (19,703.5); 9. Asian Air Safari (19,616); 10. Original Pin Killers (19,504.5); 11. SKARZ Team (18,770.5 and 12. Angelfire (16,221).


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