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Al-Mualim… and ‘vague’ delegation!

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

THE press conference organized by Syrian Foreign Affairs Minister Waleed Al-Mualim followed the usual principles, so it did not introduce anything new. The speech was the same, with repetition of lies that the government forces have taken control over all territories and repetition of the previous positions, so nothing new surfaced!

It was instructive that he repeatedly affirmed the leadership of Assad is non-negotiable and it is not a part of the dialogue agenda! He declared the dialogue is only about the changing phase, amendment of constitution or a new government which will accommodate some figures from the ‘other party’ – the opposition factions. Any discussion on the transition stage that will lead to changing President Assad is out of the topic, according to the honorable minister.

If this is the case, what is then the basis of negotiations? What is the essence of wasting time along the lake of Geneva? During the frustrating press conference, I noticed his rage over Saudi Arabia and Foreign Affairs Minister Adel Al-Jubair, to be specific. Certainly, this is natural considering the consistent political and diplomatic bashings from the Kingdom and Al-Jubair.

He made a sarcastic statement, “Let them finish with Yemen first.” Al-Jubair ‘critiqued’ the criticisms which revealed the rate of fury and injury in his mind. He also announced that the regime’s delegation to Geneva will be ‘vague’! This means he is ready for dialogue with any delegation regardless of the personality involved. It is glaring that the regime feels the current situation is far better than before, courtesy of DAESH and Russia!

Again, the fact that the press conference organized by Al-Mualim coincided with the closing ceremony for the ‘North Thunder’ is informative. It seems the maneuvers have an effect on organizing the conference! In order to evaluate the situation based on my humble theory, I wish to say that no reasonable person will hate Islam and stability.

Obviously, there is no going back between Saudi Arabia and its allies on one hand, as well as between Assad regime in Syria and its allies on the other hand, because there is a wide difference between these parties. A popular ancient Arab adage says, “Gunshot is impossible to return after its release.” We should not forget that the liberation of Ta’ez has a strategic effect on the situation of the coalition in Yemen, as it could be the take-off point for entry into Sanaa, which itself had an effect on the incidents in Yemen. We can relate this to the speech delivered by Al-Mualim particularly when he said, “Let them finish with Yemen first.”

Three events are mentioned in these blogs – the press conference organized by the frustrated minister Al-Mualim, closing ceremony of the North Thunder and liberation of Ta’ez. The common effect of the three is evident, especially in the speech of Al-Mualim. I leave you with the funny story of the plastic casket, since he was the last person to talk about it.

The situation in Syria is difficult and continues to be more complex each passing day. Interference of Russia will be costly, while getting out may not be as easy as many people anticipate. Iran is playing here while its eyes are on the southern field. Iranian fields are full of losses, because its wound is hardly healed before it sustains another. Can we conclude that Iranian politics has failed? I believe so.

We should not forget the comical statement made by Obama. What a frivolous statement! However, the positive aspect of it is the affirmation of the premonition about his true position. Here he is revealing his mind. I said in this column and other instances in the past that the United States of today under Obama is not secure, considering its suspicious moves starting from the Arab Spring.

Here again is President Obama proudly reiterating his speeches in which he held casualties responsible for their killing while praising and exonerating the killer. Anyway, the tenure of one of the worst presidents will end soon.


By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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