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Al-Mawashi Co. seeks ‘permission’ to rent shops without specifying activity

Firm’s CEO writes letter to municipal council

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 31: Al-Mawashi Company has requested to increase the permitted investment activities at the capital’s slaughterhouse and to open the door for granting licenses to enable the company to rent shops without specifying the activity, reports Al-Anba daily.

The company’s CEO, Osama Boodai, said in a letter to the municipal council: “The Livestock Transport and Trading Company is a Kuwaiti public shareholding company established in 1973 and the government of Kuwait owns more than 60% of its capital.

“The company provides sheep and meat for the Kuwait market and contributes to the formation of strategic stocks and guaranteeing food security in the country. “The company’s activity is also concentrated in the transport, trade, import and sale of fresh and frozen meat, as well as related processed products and supports industries such as fertilizers and feed stocks. The company operates on a commercial basis; it takes into account the general interest of the country in providing food security as one of its priorities.”

Referring to the investment contract concluded with the Ministry of Finance and the State Property Administration No. 1194 of 5/1/1997 and the contract annex dated 5/3/2013, under which the company contracted the transfer and trade of livestock on the establishment and completion and maintenance of the slaughterhouse and the central cattle market in the capital city, the total cost of the project amounted to approximately 17 million dinars resulting from the company’s carrying of large additional financial amounts, which amounted to about 40% of the value of the primary project because of the application of the conditions and requirements of the Environment Public Authority.

On the other hand, the activities of the shops were identified within the license issued by the municipality on the basis of the decision of the committee charged with carrying out the functions of the Municipal Council No. 29/555/20/2004 dated 21/11/2004, which specify the activities allowed to be added to the slaughterhouse with 19 activities, and the committee decided to allocate only one shop for each activity.

After the shops were rented out in the light of the activities allowed by the decision referred to above, the company was surprised that some parties associated with the issuance of licenses refuse to approve the granting of licenses for some of the activities contained in the decision of the Committee, such as:

  1. The Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources refused to license the activities of a veterinary clinic or veterinary pharmacy because of the decision of the commission since 2005 not to allow the licensing of veterinary clinics or veterinary pharmacy within the walls of slaughterhouses.
  2. The Environment Public Authority refused to authorize the activity of the animal feed.

Accordingly, the Livestock Transport and Trading Company kindly submits to you to approve the expansion of the permitted investment activities in the project and not to specify the number of licenses according to the current practice, which is the license of one shop only for the activity so that the company can rent the shops without specifying a specific activity or a specified number of stores.

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