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Al-Kharafi Group sponsors confab – ‘Paris in The Heart of Kuwait’

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Loay Jassim Al-Kharafi
Loay Jassim Al-Kharafi

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 5: As the Communal Solidarity Conference, “Paris in The Heart of Kuwait” approaches to take place in the French capital Paris on Dec 7; Al-Kharafi Group has announced its sponsorship and participation in this conference which will be held in the French Senate Hall in Luxembourg famous historical Palace, an event organized by Turnberry Kuwait Foundation for Conventions and Exhibitions.

Loay Jassim Al-Kharafi, CEO of Mohammed Abdulmohsen Al-Kharafi company stated: “Believing in our part in supporting the peace process around the world largely and with the countries with which we have friendly relations expressly, came our sponsorship of this important public event in confirmation of our condemnation of terrorism acts that have occurred recently in France and which murdered numerous spirits of innocent civilians. “We support peace and reject all forms of terrorism and call always for security and stability in all countries of the world which have been affected by terror and treachery, not only in France, especially since our beloved country Kuwait, also has encountered recently such terrorism acts in which Kuwait tragically lost many of her children, therefore we have already dramatically been there.” Al-Kharafi explained. “The belief of Islam has been built on brotherhood, love, solidarity and goodness in all its forms, so we stress that today’s treachery and violence acts are not representing in any way the good concepts of Islam. Through this conference we communicate our sincere gratitude and a message of recognition and thankfulness to France’s stand — people and government towards Kuwait crises during the brutal invasion in the year 1990, appreciating the great role played by the French government calling for the liberation of Kuwait for the cause of peace and justice,” Al-Kharafi proceeded. “We are proud of our strong friendship relationships with France; which were built on humanity and brotherhood basis in the first place, the thing that brought on our successful business relations of a huge investment nature. Kuwaiti investments are interestingly highly ranked in France whether through our business relationships with them as a group or through other Kuwaiti corporates’ and economic entities as well.

Such strong relationships have guided our interests towards some significant investments with France through some remarkable projects such as HEISCO’s projects there — one of our Group’s subsidiaries,” Al-Kharafi went on. “Over times; Kuwait has announced its rejection of terrorism and its condemnation of all its aspects, its channels and tools, so through our participation in this conference we announce our sympathy with the French people and we affirm our backing up to them and to all countries that seek to live in peace,” Al- Kharafi concluded.

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