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Al-Hashem critical of previous Parliament

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 4: The performance of dissolved Parliament was not on par with the ambitions and expectations of Kuwaiti people, said former MP Safa Al-Hashem who is contesting the National Assembly polls from the Third Election Constituency.

For example, she said the State’s financial resources were not disbursed through proper channels.

The so-called fiscal deficit, according to Al-Hashem is just an illusion. She pointed to the recent report from an international institute which says Kuwait is in an enviable financial position.

Commenting on her resignation from the Parliament in 2013, she says, she is proud of her decision because it will serve as “a lesson for the younger generation to be firm in their principles.”

She stressed the government needs to begin the reform process without harming the citizens financially.

Meanwhile, she called on former MPs who boycotted the 2013 parliamentary elections to apologize to the Kuwaiti people for all the tensions they created in the country by organizing their unauthorized marches and demonstrations.

“Only then they can uphold their credibility and return to the parliamentary arena,” she added.

Elsewhere, former MP Abdul Rahman Al-Anjari who is contesting from the elections from the Second Constituency stated the previous Parliament adopted a set of laws without discussion or thorough study.

He calls these laws unfair because they hampered the freedoms of the citizens and touched on people’s dignities, laws such the DNA, information technology and cyber crimes laws.

This is in addition to laws to raise the water and electricity tariff law and the hike in petrol prices.

Speaking at a seminar held in Sabah Al-Nasser under the title ‘Because it is Crucial’, Al-Anjari stated this election is crucial because it is contested on the one-man one-vote system, which he calls a ‘political cancer’ that has spread in this small nation.

He pointed out this system has negative social repercussions on families and tribes.

He added, “There is no country in the world that can tolerate such electoral system.”

He called on those who win the seat in the next Parliament to work towards changing this system irrespective whether “we have one or 10 constituencies. If the government refuses it must be held accountable, because this is an important step and part of political reforms.”

He added some unjust laws have been passed by the MPs of the previous Parliament like the cyber crimes law, the 3/4 provisions of which contains punishments. He also said it is not balanced.

“The law should be able to protect people’s dignities and not interfere in their intentions,” he stressed.

He added the DNA code is considered as politically motivated and not related to terrorism. He pointed out the European Society of Genetics has written to the government expressing its surprise about how people can assume that 1.3 million citizens will have a terrorist among them or hold fake nationality.

On the economic reform document, Al-Anjari said this was introduced by the government during the tenure of the previous Parliament and was passed without discussion or making recommendations.

He added, “We need a balanced Parliament that supervises objectively and honestly the government work and by putting Kuwait’s interest first.”

In another development, Sheikh Malek Hmoud Al-Sabah who is contesting the elections from the Fifth Constituency has confirmed he will never withdraw his candidacy under pressure from any quarters.

He stated, “Nothing can stop me, except death.” He is in the opposition not for the sake of opposition but for reform.

“No one has the right to interpret the Constitution at his/her will because there is no Article in the Constitution, to prevent any ruling family member from contesting elections or distance them in the name of political embarrassment.”

Speaking at a symposium held at his election headquarters, Sheikh Malek said he will bear all what befalls the citizens, because all are in the same boat.

“If members of the ruling family want to disassociate themselves from political embarrassment then it is better for them not to be in the government because a minister is more prone to political.”

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim

Arab Times Staff

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