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Thursday , January 23 2020

Al-Essa launches ‘biting’ attack on output of educational sector – ‘Center has 5 instructors for 5,000 students’

KUWAIT CITY, July 8: Political Science Professor Shamla’an Al-Essa has launched a scathing attack on the output of the educational sector, asserting “the graduates of Kuwait University are in a certain valley while the local labor market requirement is in another valley,” reports Al-Shahid daily.

In his interview with the daily, Al-Essa underscored the need for a thorough review of the curricula as well as the qualifications and performance of teachers in pre-university stages as they seem to be busy earning rather than paying attention to the needs of students.

He accused the government of intervening in the admission and registration policies of the university to satisfy some MPs. He also claimed that the Faculty of Sharia is the worst because it is controlled by political agendas.

Meanwhile, Director of Practical Education Center at the Faculty of Education in Kuwait University Dr Khalid Al-Moharib said the big number of student trainees in the center is a problem as it has only five instructors for around 5,000 students, reports Al- Qabas daily.

In his interview with the daily, Al-Moharib pointed out the instructors find it difficult to handle the work load as they are also required to conduct field visits to follow up the work. He said the center intends to request for additional instructors as the university has suspended the recruitment of new instructors for quite some time now. He disclosed the faculty had earlier suggested delegation of training staff the heads of departments and technical instructors, considering there are more than 300 department heads and technical instructors to supervise 1,000 students. Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Mohammad Al-Fares has confirmed that the ministry, through the educational districts, signed contracts directly with companies for the maintenance of schools, reports Al-Anba daily.

The minister explained this step was taken to avoid delays in carrying out maintenance works, as they are pressed for time due to the need to complete maintenance works before the start of the new school year. In addition, the ministry on Thursday bid farewell to 169 teachers and administrative workers who were referred for retirement as they have been in service for 34 years. Moreover, the ministry will soon finalize the interview of applicants to supervisory posts and the results will be announced next month.

The Ministry of Education intends to lay down a new mechanism for choosing outstanding teachers and schools annually during World Teachers Day, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources. Sources revealed Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Development and Activities Faisal Al- Maqseed has submitted a proposal to amend the conditions and regulations for the selection of outstanding teachers and schools to ensure everyone is treated equally and none of them is deprived of their rights.

Sources said a committee will be formed soon to carry out these tasks under the leadership of Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education Affairs Fatma Al-Kandari with members from public and private educational sectors. Sources added the committee will start working in academic year 2017/2018. Sources also confirmed that the selection mechanism and criteria will be submitted to Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Mohammad Al- Fares and Undersecretary Dr Haitham Al-Athari for approval.

The State Audit Bureau (SAB) has registered a number of irregularities in residential buildings rented by the Education Ministry for the accommodation of female teachers, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting educational sources. Sources said the bureau discovered that many apartments in the rented buildings are empty while only one teacher lives in each apartment. Sources added the bureau also highlighted the ministry’s failure to take legal procedures to protect its rights whenever the landlords of rented buildings do not abide by the contracts, particularly the stipulations on maintenance works.

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