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Al-Duwailah and Sahar … Who supplied wrong information?

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 8: Debate raged between former MP Mubarak Al-Duwailah and Dr Abdullah Sahar regarding the safety of Kuwaiti charitable work through articles, positions and successive responses that started before the resignation of the Minister of Social Affairs Dr Ghadeer Aseeri and escalated thereafter, reports Al-Rai daily.

Al-Duwailah and Dr Sahar

Al-Duwailah confirmed in statements to Al-Rai daily that details revealed in the records of the National Assembly by Dr Sahar “are nothing but confirmation of our talk about the safety of Kuwaiti charitable work and Sunni charities”, adding “we did not say there are no violating offices as they were closed at the time the Ministry of Social Affairs made the request or there are no longer violating offices.

Neither have we said the charities did not collect donations. Rather, they collected donations and disbursed them in full transparency under the supervision of all concerned agencies in the state”. He added the US intelligence at that time confirmed safety of the Kuwaiti charitable work, and our denial of what Dr Abdullah Sahar mentioned relates to his claim that the funds of charities are spent on terrorism.

“The American reports confirm safety of spending the charitable funds yet he denies this without evidence”, said Dr Sahar. Al-Duwailah wondered about the keenness to raise the issue at this point in time and level charges against the Sunni charitable work, stressing “He attacked the Sunni charitable work, so we have the right to respond and defend the integrity of this charitable sector that works in full transparency with local and international testimonies”.

He pointed out that there is no relationship between the grilling submitted against former minister Ghadeer Aseeri and the reaction Dr Sahar launched in his attack on Sunni charitable work “except his psychological reaction to the fall of Aseeri, and it’s our duty to respond to him with evidence to prove the purity and integrity of the charitable work in Kuwait”.

On the other hand, Dr Abdullah Sahar told Al-Rai, “I have all the respect and appreciation for the honorable brother Mubarak Al-Duwailah, a political expert and former lawmaker. We did not expect him to descend low by accusing an academic researcher of giving false information, so he must determine which information provided was false, according to him. “All I provided was the official digital information or international qualitative information, and their sources were mentioned”, he noted.

He explained the “digital information was an answer deposited in the archive of the National Assembly by then Minister of Social Affairs Hind Al-Subaih in response to a parliamentary question from one of the deputies. This digital data covered the period between 2012 and 2016, which is correct and proven from the reality of Al- Subaih’s answers. If the information is wrong, it is worthy to say the information given by Minister Al-Subaih was rather wrong, and not Abdullah Sahar.”

He pointed out that “the information was received in 2017 and we are in 2020. It is correct and I cannot be faulted, because it dealt with 130 unlicensed branches- of which about 50 branches were closed, so what happened to the 85 branches that were not closed at that time? We do not know. These data are from the minister’s answer. They are true and correct from the state’s report and have no relation to a Sunni or Shi’ite society.” “Accordingly, it is not appropriate for Brother Abu Muadh, a veteran politician, to drop these sectarian projections on an article by me in which no sectarian aspect was mentioned.

Likewise, Al-Subaih’s answer did not mention that it is sectarian. It is wrong to assume that I attack Sunni societies. Doesn’t a Kuwaiti Shiite have right to criticize something that affects his country? This is the pinnacle of deviation in the correct nationalist discourse from a veteran man who understands political work and a compatriot. I wonder where the targeting was mentioned in my answer”, he argued. With regard to qualitative information, he explained it is an existing international archive, as America through a number of statements, accused Kuwaiti charities and others based on its perspective. “We do not necessarily say the American information is correct but these are charges made against Kuwait and she has already played a role in responding to those accusations, adding the country refuted them and then took several measures against the charities that collected donations as a way to limit violation of the law”.

“We admit the international statements are contradictory, and some personalities have made accusations against Kuwait in this aspect. In this context, brother Al- Duwailah made statements and I made mine, so this can be disagreed or agreed upon but the serious thing is that some statements held Kuwait responsible. If this is true, Kuwait will face international accusation in the international courts, which will harm the state”, Sahar added. He continued, “We cannot apprehend those who offend the State of Kuwait, whoever it is. This state is full of tolerance and humanity under the leadership of His Highness the Amir of Humanity.

There is no room for fl attery of anyone from any sect we allow to collect donations outside the framework of the state’s control. Every Kuwaiti society has to operate under the umbrella of the state.” Addressing Al-Duwailah, Dr Sahar said, “Abu Mu’adh does not deny that he is one of the cadres and supporters of the Islamic bloc. Our question is: Are donations collected through unlicensed and illegal offices by testifying themselves permissible by law or not permissible since they violated the law? If he says it is permissible, there are those who will respond by telling him that it permits chaos, absurdity and violation of state laws in the collection of donations.

And if he says it is not permissible, then the societies that collected donations must return the money to the donors or the state treasury. We do not question the actions of societies but Islam has clear rules that do not accept interpretation according to whims.”

He concluded: “The information I mentioned is transmitted in a proper way and its sources are indicated, and Abu Mu’adh mentioned that I provided false information that was drawn from a deputy whose nationality was forged and I do not know who he means … If he is sure of this information, then he has a legitimate duty to perform his national role and not cover it up to avoid suspicions. And you, Abu Mu’adh, are a teacher who has taught us Islam, so if you have evidence, present it. I would not like you to throw charges haphazardly on a deputy who legislates for the nation while I am waiting for answers of Abu Mu’adh to my questions.

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