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Friday , January 24 2020

‘Al-Durra’ says Indian men domestic workers available

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 22: Al-Durra Domestic Recruitment Company has announced availability of domestic workers (Indian men only), says Al-Seyassah. The company has fixed KD 280 for hiring an experienced driver and their salary shouldn’t exceed KD 140, while inexperienced drivers will cost KD 180 and with salary starting from KD 120.

Also, houseboy with experience will be hired for KD 180 and with minimum salary of KD 100, while inexperienced houseboy will be hired for the same amount and with salary no less than KD 80 for a start. He noted the cost of hiring experienced cook is KD 180 with minimum salary of KD 120. The same amount of KD 180 will be spent for an inexperienced cook and with minimum salary of KD 100.

Meanwhile, board chairman of the company Eyad Al-Sumait has denied recent news circulating on social media saying the company has started recruiting women domestic workers. He explained the company is currently recruiting men only, indicating the recruitment of women will begin after completion of all necessary procedures

By Meshal Al-Sanousi
Al-Seyassah / Arab Times Staff


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