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Saturday , December 3 2022

Al-Ajmi criticizes some MPs stance on expatriate rights

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KUWAIT CITY, March 19: Board Chairman of Kuwait Human Rights Society Khalid Al-Hamidi Al-Ajmi says every country, including Kuwait, has the right to stipulate legislation and take measures for supporting the interest of its citizens. However, such measures should not contradict the international agreements signed by Kuwait, which preserve and protect the rights of immigrant labor force.

In a press statement, Al-Ajmi said, “The stances taken by some MPs are aimed for just political gains because labor relation is the relation of mutual benefits based on honoring the rights and duties”. Al-Ajmi explained that the Kuwaiti Constitution and its legislation offshoots are the course on which everyone should move. Considering this, the Constitution stipulates that human rights should be honored and respected. This should not be violated regardless of whether the individual is a Kuwaiti citizen or an expatriate.

The press statement issued by Al- Ajmi was in response to the report on the health support issue, where it was revealed that Kuwait bears about $2 billion annually to provide health care for expatriates and about $3.5 billion per year for health care services to citizens. The report concluded that the health support does not go to the expatriates in Kuwait.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Abdullatif Al-Zayani on Saturday has expressed member states’ denouncement of the report delivered by the Swiss representative at UNSC on Bahrain.

The report contained accusations and false information on human rights in the GCC member. GCC rejects strongly claims included in the Swiss report, which neglected efforts made by Bahrain aiming to protect and enhance human rights, Al- Zayani said in a press statement. He stressed that Bahrain has been making strenuous and noticeable efforts so as to maintain human rights in compatible with international standards and national laws.

GCC states urge the Swiss government to stop issuing such claims and accusations against the Kingdom at the UN human rights gathering. They also asked of the Swiss government to depend on reliable sources regarding human rights in the Kingdom, and not to receive information in this dossier from suspicious sources which have certain agendas, he noted.

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