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Tuesday , August 11 2020

Airport, morals and hospital

I posted a tweet, in which I told the officials of the Ministry of Health, the Kuwait Airways Corporation and Higher Education authorities whose views we respect. I firmly believe and I am convinced and my experience over the past more than half a century feel that there is not a single Kuwaiti who is ‘competent enough’, has the ability and the experience to be the CEO of Jaber Hospital, the Kuwait Airways or the Sabah Al Salem University and I add here the Kuwait International Airport.

The Airport management in its current form is 10 percent of what it will be in less than two years and has been proven time and again about it’s inability to meet the challenges even during peak times, and what the airport management needs from the scientific point of view and the eye of an artist cannot be solved by signing ‘IN’ at 8;00 am and leaving ‘OUT’ at 2:00 pm. This does not solve the intractable problems of the airport which will continue to increase and multiply.

The T4 building (Terminal 4) for the KAC flights began operations more than two months ago and until now there is no reliable communication system between the two wings of the airport buildings. There is no actual coordination between them. This is in addition to dozens of other important issues and a worsening situation under a management that until now believes in traditional methods or running the airport functions.

A friend told me that  four days ago he arrived at the Kuwait International Airport from Istanbul at 7 pm and the plane was supposed to be taxied in front of the gates of the old building. However, instructions were relayed to the captain of the plane 30 minutes later to go to T4. Here one can imagine the chaos and suffering of the passengers.

After waiting for another half an hour inside the plane, the passengers were informed that they would be taken by bus to the old building. The passengers had to ask their loved ones and friends who had gone to receive them at the airport to return to the old building. By now it was past 8:45 pm which means the passengers stayed in the plane for more than 100 minutes without a good reason, including a number of sick people who had to sustain the ill comfort of being taken by bus to the old building.

The question is: Who is responsible for this confusion and defamation of the Kuwait Airways which is not to be blamed here? Who is responsible for keeping patients in their wheelchairs for more than half an hour? If the airport management is so bad and our airport is so small, what will be the situation of the new airport?

We go back to my tweet and say that some objected to what I said, and said that Kuwait is full of experienced people, and that the intermediaries prevent them from taking senior positions. I asked the objectors to tell me the name of an experienced Kuwaiti, even one, and I have now been waiting for two days. I write here from my experience, with respect for all, and I do not claim to have told the whole truth.

Note: A hospital in India collects 50 rupees from each person who visits a patient and deducts this from the bill of the patient. The result was the visitors became less and the patients could rest for longer time, pressure on the administration and security became less and the noise almost non existent. This is in addition to the availability of many more parking places. If this procedure was applied in Kuwait, patients would have become wealthy.

PS: Lindsay Galloway, who was mentioned in yesterday’s article, is actually a beautiful lady and a journalist who is also active in the BBC and we apologize for the mistake.

e-mail: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf



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