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AIDS-hit worker picked from massage parlour; Teachers in fight

AIDS-hit worker: Personnel from the Farwaniya Residence Affairs Department have referred an unidentified Asian working in a massage parlor to the contagious diseases hospital, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The daily added, the suspect was picked from his workplace after the Ports Health Department informed the authorities that the worker is a carrier of AIDS.

Sources revealed coordination is underway between the Interior and Health Ministries to subject all expatriates who return from leave to medical tests.

The daily added, personnel from the General Department for Residence Affairs will be informed and the infected person will be deported from the country.

Teachers in fight: A teacher of mathematics ignored the principle of camaraderie and beat up his colleague in the course of a heated argument in the staff common room of the mathematics department, reports Al- Shahed daily. The first spark of the argument started on the lecture time-table but the head of department could not control them and referred the issue to the director’s office. The teacher beat up his colleague in the director’s office after the teachers and the management had tried in vain to resolve the matter. The attacker was referred for investigations by security operatives that came to the scene after the incident.

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