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Wednesday , April 21 2021

Age limit for sponsoring son

I was unable to post my query on the website despite being a registered user. Please can you tell me the age limit of my son that I can sponsor him. I have to sponsor him till he finishes his college studies and that would be about 21 years of age. Appreciate your reply at the earliest as I need to plan and decide accordingly. Regarding daughters I understand that there is no issue. Grateful appreciation and million thanks for your prompt reply in advance.

Name withheld

Answer: Under the latest rules issued to govern residence renewals of dependence family members, male children are allowed to renew their existing residence under their parent’s sponsorship until the age of 17. This can be extended if the children are enrolled at a university in Kuwait. Unmarried female children under the age of 24 can renew their residence. From the above explanation, you can deduce that under the rules currently in force, the age-limit to sponsor a male child is eighteen and twenty- four for unmarried female child.

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