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Tuesday , September 29 2020

Aftermath of principles

‘Practice right to survival’

I had written one day — I am not sure what time it was — that I will be defeated, but I was certain that I would do it after proving to myself that I can do the impossible for it.

Sometimes we give an open invitation to failure after we come a long way from suffering and patience combined with struggle and after we discover in the middle of the way that all that had happened was just useless.

Perhaps surrendering is victory and stepping aside is attaining goal. When you find the level of purity inside you that do not equal anything in the vicinity of the ugliness around you especially if someone who pleads with your humanity cause, you feel this is a society that is obsessed with shallowness, animosity and lack of principles. At that time, you seriously contemplate running away and searching for a way to isolate your body before your mind. You say to yourself that you were not created from light or fire and that you are clay molded under the sun due to which darkness in hearts hurts you.

I will not hide a secret. I used to think that principles represent a healing bed due to which I was unaware that they are a bed of consequences.

Based on the readings of this human era, you will not live in harmony with this world as long as the arm of your conscience is not twisted or a vein is not torn to say the least.

Dear reader, you are in the sole of a foot of abnormal coloration and twisted times as if reality is telling you to be like a chameleon in order to guarantee your survival and existence.

Whenever you fail to keep pace with the world that is laden with loose intellect, you feel more relaxed and willing to convince yourself that you have done the impossible to protect it, but to no avail.

You can overcome your crisis with minds but you will not do it with hearts that are black stained and distribute hatred from your window every morning.

The world today is filled with moral corpses, and a funeral happens in your head every day. It is very sickening that you do not know what you are supposed to do — whether to bury it or pray about it.

When you work in the best possible manner to protect yourself but then surrender your strength and give them the bullet for them to plant it in you in search for eternal peace, you feel sorry for yourself. For you do not know any trouble that you have caused and if you justify for yourself, it is either the crime of defeat or you are condoling it.

Anyway, we are not immune to sins and do not own saintliness. We also err regrettably more to ourselves when we decide to step aside while we still have the energy. Therefore, let us put more effort, my friend, and practice our right for survival. Let us live together because who knows who will die first — us or bad deeds.

By Intisar Al-Matouq

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