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Adapt to situation, closure to continue for 2 years – Official; ‘Ghazali’ traffic chaos irks motorists

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Closure of Ghazali Bridge Sunday caused huge traffic jams on roads leading to the surrounding areas

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 12: The closure of Ghazali Bridge on Sunday brought traffic to a standstill on several roads leading to the surrounding areas.

In a press statement, Director General of the Public Relations and Security Media Department at the Ministry of Interior Brigadier Adel Al-Hashash explained that closure of the far end of Ghazali Bridge at the intersections with Jahra Road and Jamal Abdulnasser Road caused the traffic jams.

He affirmed the closure is “temporary” to pave way for the completion of Jahra Road Development Project. He said the closure will continue for two years according to information from the Ministry of Public Works.

He assured that traffic flow will be smooth within two days as motorists will be familiar with alternative routes by then. He urged everyone to strictly comply with traffic rules to lessen congestion on the roads.

He disclosed there is an alternative route going towards Shuwaikh Port from Ghazali Bridge connecting to the new Ghazali Road under the bridge and another heading to Shuwaikh Port passing through the traffic light at Jahra Road intersection. He said trucks are banned from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm and allowed after 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm.

He added the Traffic Sector has intensified the presence of patrols and officers in congested areas in order to organize traffic flow.

Meanwhile, the ministries of Interior and Public Works confirmed that they have exhausted all means to address the problem; calling on citizens and expatriates to adapt to the situation in the next two years.

Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs General Fahd Al-Shuwaia asserted there is no other solution to the traffic jams but for motorists to use alternate routes. He appealed to road users to familiarize themselves with the alternate routes and fully cooperate with traffic patrolmen until the completion of the project in November 2018.

Project Engineer Yasser Bu Dustour, who is in charge of the development works, pointed out the traffic jams witnessed Sunday were expected. He stressed that traffic flow will be smoother in the coming days as road users will be familiar with the alternate routes specified by the Public Works Ministry.

He added this is the fifth stage of the project which will be completed concurrently with Sheikh Jaber Al- Ahmed Bridge and the improvement of Jamal Abdulnasser Road.

By Mesha’al Al-Sanousi and Muhammad Ghanem Al-Seyassah Staff

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