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Abu Zarafah’s trivial talk

He began his life as a humble accountant, as is the case with all of us, in an auditing office of an Arab company operating in Lebanon, before moving its activities to Kuwait, so that he could then acquire all of its clients and take them out of Lebanon.

His accounting activity expanded, especially in the phenomenon of establishing paper and Gulf companies in the seventies of the last century, and reached its climax with the first stock exchange crisis. His partners were able to make a huge wealth that they had not dreamed of, in a country that lacked – and still does – sound and deterrent supervisory laws, for example allowing the owner of an audit office to practice various commercial activities, while continuing to audit the accounts of other companies, which may be competing with his companies.

Abu Zarafah’s success in Kuwait and the strange operations that he undertook pushed him to extend his accounting arm to other Arab countries, no better than Kuwait in its oversight weakness. The whole Arab nation was suffering from similar oversight weaknesses, so he established an empire of considerable size, and its financial successes were questionable.

His professional success and wealth prompted the media afterwards to pay attention to him, especially when he was referring, in a manner similar to honesty, to his humble beginnings and poverty, his self-made success story and his professional success.

“The increased interest in him in the media”, and the likelihood that his thought was devoid of new things he spoke about led him to believe that he understands, and went on talking about his expectations about the course of global events in light of his relations with decision-making centers which he had previously buzzed us with.

He ventured so far that he entered the world of the unseen, the dangerous and worrying expectations, the latest of which was what he said that the turning point that will determine the fate of America and the world will be on January 6, 2021 and that Trump will declare war on Iran, in order to exploit a paragraph in the US Constitution, which permits the outgoing president to stay in office for another four years, if his country is at war.

Of course, it was proven that everything he mentioned was trivial, and nothing came true on the ground of reality. Abu Zarafa had already stated a few months ago that the world war would take place before the end of 2020, and he issued a circular to all of his employees about it, and the people were busy with this dangerous news, which later revealed the modesty of the mentality of the one who said it.

What we would like to say here is not only disclosing these mentalities, revealing their emptiness to the public, the emptiness of other activists in all media and the pharmacist, and warning against believing “any words” or news, with little effort to verify it, and deliberately sharing them with others.

The number of lunatics, petty, and sick people who have acquired the weapon of social media is increasing and these broadcast their illnesses and their complexes, consciously or otherwise, on these dangerous means, and many are affected by them and raise their anxiety, then it becomes apparent later that the news is wrong, or lame.

But how can a nation be convinced with this talk, and its constitution which sets a condition for those who run for election, legislate laws and monitor government performance that they must read and write.

email: a.alsarraf@alqabas.com.kw

By Ahmad alsarraf

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