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Wednesday , February 1 2023

A16 Article activated of Foreigners Law to deport expats immediately

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 3: Following the activation of Article 16 of the Law on the Residence of Foreigners in Kuwait, and the arrests of violators during the ongoing security campaigns in various regions of the country, a security source revealed so far about 15,000 expatriates have been deported from the country for some or the other reason since the beginning of this year until date, reports Al-Rai daily. The Arabic daily quoting security sources stressed that the pace of deportation continues at the same level for everyone who is caught violating the law or does not have a known source of income. The security source added that “the Ministry of Interior has begun to activate Article 16 of the Foreigners’ Law, which stipulates the deportation of any resident who has no apparent means of living, as many people who fall under this category have already been deported from the country.”

The source explained the procedures followed by the ministry, “After monitoring a lot of marginal workers and to prevent visa trade, the security campaigns focused on raiding random markets and seizing street vendors and customer visiting these places, and referring them to the residency affairs investigations, in preparation for taking measures to deport them from the country, as they apparently do not have enough income to live a decent life in the country,” explaining that “the aim of their deportation is to prevent them from carrying out immoral or immoral acts.” He revealed that “the number of those who have been deported from the country from the beginning of this year until now, and after the intensification of security campaigns in the country, has reached about 15,000, most of whom are Asians and Arabs.

The source warned all residents, “Even if the residence permit is valid, if caught in a violating workplace, or is caught in random and illegally established markets, the fate will be immediate deportation from the country.” These deterrent steps are being taken to control the labor market and ensure the marginal workers do not find a place in the country, which has become a threat to the demographic structure, and resulted in illegal practices.

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