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‘Super criminal’ woman, sought in fraud incidents, flees Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 26: The security agencies are intensifying their efforts to bring back to Kuwait an unidentified female employee of the Criminal Evidences Department, who has been classified as one of the most dangerous counterfeiters and swindlers, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting informed security sources.

According to the sources the Kuwaiti authorities have contacted their counterparts in Saudi Arabia to hand over the accused because she is wanted by the Public Prosecution.

According to the daily, the suspect allegedly stole 15 civil ID cards of her friends and succeeded in pulling wool over the eyes of some employees in the Ministry of Justice and stole about 140,000 dinars, some cash and electrical appliances and accessories, and others through fraud.

She also obtained valuable items after falsifying documents in the names of some of her friends and relatives and signing on their behalf leaving the victims to pay for her purchases.

The sources pointed out that some of the victims (citizens) found themselves in huge debts, one of them by thousands of dinars. What is surprising is that one of her co-workers said the suspect is a high caliber makeup expert and was able to change her features and make her look like any person and the same trick she adopted to cheat.

The sources pointed out that when she went to the Documentation Department she was wearing a veil but somehow was able to fool everyone through her expertise by her look-alike ability.

The daily added, she was discovered when one of the victims filed a complaint that she does not owe any debt to any company and when the suspect realized the security authorities were zeroing in on her, she fled to Saudi Arabia.

The sources said among the victims are her sister and her cousin. The daily added, the husband after learning about the crimes committed by his wife, divorced her and told securitymen that he disowned her and her actions.

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