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Wednesday , August 17 2022

‘A safe, secure expat will work for the welfare of our country’

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“OBTAINING information discreetly without resorting to the right channels, is an action that should be rejected by the people, because a normal human being does not do this because it amounts to violating the privacy of the others,” columnist Abdulaziz Al-Kandari wrote for Al-Rai daily.

Abdulaziz Al-Kandari

“In this context, I would like to cite the story of a doctor with a rare specialization and one person published his salary certificate motivated by his desire to libel others that expatriates are looting us and action of this person must be investigated with a focus on disrespect of the privacy of the people and instead of thanking this doctor, we found that he had been libeled.

“As a matter of fact, the expatriates in Kuwait belong to more than 100 nationalities serving this good country including construction, cleaning workers and physicians. “In other words, the expatriates are involved in various professions which we are in need of. If you would like to know the importance of the expatriates in the Kuwaiti labor market, then you have to ask the young Kuwaiti man who is building a house for himself in the new residential areas and you will hear about the scarcity of manpower which has resulted in the increase in the cost of labor.

“However, what is currently happening is bullying the expatriate who is not in a position to defend himself, given the fact that it doesn’t fall with the honor of dispute to talk against any human being without giving him the right to defend himself.

“Such being the case, you have to imagine if a great number of the expatriates decide to leave the country forever and go to other countries to earn their living then how we shall cover the deficits, while we are facing a lot of crises in the field of foodstuff and shortage in labor in general and the medical ones in particular.

“Given the above, we suggest that instead of talking about the expatriates and looking at them negatively, why don’t we hasten to improve their living conditions that are worthy of every human being.

“In this connection, we would like to call on you to attempt to visit some places in the country where the expatriates are staying, then you will see if you and your children stay there? I think that, what you don’t like for yourself, you should not like to the others as well.

“Meanwhile, I would like to point out here that expatriates are not equal. In other words, the people of any community or people from who are living in our country some of whom are good while some are bad, but shedding light on some specific elements and generalizing all expatriates is problematic, simply because generalizing the negative outlook and looking at all expatriates from the same angle cannot be tolerated because we should deal with everyone fair and square.

“In this connection, I would like to say when we want to manage our own money, we seek the most efficient people irrespective of their nationalities, but the question, here who will develop our funds, particularly since we know that the criteria rests in the efficiency, and these are our own funds as such we must be keen to maintaining the same, but unfortunately, the situation is regretting if I don’t care to protect the funds of my country, which I grew up in along with my children and still benefiting from its experiences.

“In this connection, anyone who is involved in the activities of the big companies in the country will observe that most of the senior employees are from our expatriate brothers, as such, we found how the advanced countries throughout the world are striving to satisfy the expatriates who reside in these countries by providing them necessary psychological comfort and the security and safety stability for them in order to enable them give their best services for the countries which they are working in.”

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