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A cross dresser and his friends disturbs Salmiya neighborhood with loud music

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KUWAIT CITY, May 7: Four individuals including a cross-dresser have been detained for investigation concerning complaints related to noise disturbance in Salmiya area.

According to security sources, the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior received a complaint from the caretaker a building in Salmiya area about loud music coming from one of the flats in the building that led some neighbors to complain to him.

Hawally securitymen went to the location and they were informed by the caretaker that he went to the flat and requested the tenants to reduce the volume of the music but they brushed him off saying he has no right to get involved in such matters.

Securitymen went to the apartment and arrested the tenants, one of who turned out to be a crossdresser. They denied the allegations made by the building caretaker.

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