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90,910 Expats working in Kuwait Govt sector

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 9: Statistics prepared by Al-Anba show the total number of employees in the government sector at the end of last June was about 457,140 citizens and residents, including about 90,910 expatriates, who constitute about 19.8% of the total workers in the sector, bringing the percentage of citizens to more than 80%, reports Al-Anba daily.

In detail, official figures issued by the Central Administration of Statistics showed that 1,454 male and female citizens left work in the government sector, compared to about 9,786 others who were employed in state ministries, departments, and affiliated independent bodies in the first 6 months of 2022.

According to a simple calculation, the net increase in the number of citizens working in the government sector was about 8,332 male and female citizens from January to the end of June in 17 ministries. The daily said 1408 male and female citizens joined 16 government departments bringing the total number until the end of last June about 25,700 male and female citizens.

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