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Monday , December 6 2021

754 non-Kuwaitis working in public education sector

MoE’s field study recommends overhaul of curricula

KUWAIT CITY, June 23: A field study conducted by the Educational Researches and Curricula Department of Ministry of Education recommends reducing the curricula content, cancelling irrelevant topics that are not part of the students’ interest, and merging similar subjects, reports Al-Rai daily.

It also recommended preparing guide books for teachers for every subject with the inclusion of different methodology suitable for each lesson. The study stressed the need to choose topics of the lessons that require the use of varied methodology.

The study, which included 1,044 teachers of basic subjects like Arabic, English, Mathematics and Sciences, recommended reviewing the curricula in order for it to be designed as per the integrated systems. It affirmed the importance of the participation of a number of bodies in determining the context due to escalation of information production and increase in the number of media and means of communication.

The study also recommended designing the curricula that would focus on the active participation of teachers and their continuous supervision. Meanwhile, according to statistics released by Ministry of Education, the number of employees working at the headquarters of the ministry is 13,498 including 11,637 Kuwaitis and 1,861 expatriates, reports Al-Rai daily. Public Education Department has the highest number of employees, reaching a total of 8,413 including 7,659 Kuwaitis.

The number of employees in Financial Affairs Department is 1,135 including 863 Kuwaitis and 66 percent of them occupy financial jobs. There are 754 expatriate employees working in the Public Education Department, and 49 percent of them work in the service execution section. The number of expatriate employees in the Department of Administrative Development is 283, and 95 percent of them work as service executives.

There are 272 expatriate employees working in the Financial Affairs Department, constituting 14.6 percent, and 80 percent of them occupy financial jobs. The statistics explained the reason behind the increase in the number of employees in Public Education Department, stressing that this department includes the educational zones that supervise and take care of the affairs of the basic factors of education – teachers and students.

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