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75 kilos drugs with Iranian trio

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 12: Personnel from the General Department for Drugs Control (GDDC) in coordination with the Coast Guard Department have arrested 3 Iranians who attempted to smuggle into the country a large amount of narcotics via the sea, reports Al-Rai daily. According to a security source the trio brought the drugs from Iran and hid them near the Kubbar Island.

Packets of drugs found in possession of the three Iranians

The arrest came after their boat had a mechanical failure and it started drifting in mid-sea. When the boat was spotted by the Coast Guard radar, securitymen rushed to the spot and found nervous looking three men.

They were referred for interrogations because they could not justify their presence in the area. During cross examination the suspects admitted that they entered the country with drugs and that they had buried the contraband near the Kubbar Island and led police to the area. Police found in the area 75 kilos of narcotic substances – 55 kilos of hashish, 15 kilos of alum, and 5 kilos of heroin.

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