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Thursday , March 23 2023

7 Surprising Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

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‘Engagement’ is the one crucial metric that no Facebook marketer can ignore. From commenting on a post to liking or sharing a post, everything contributes to engagement on a Facebook page. The higher the engagement rate you have, the wider reach you will get on Facebook. 

Most brands and businesses focus on buying Facebook followers from the best social media management sites. However, without high engagement, it’s challenging to retain these followers in the long run. Every brand should create content that is relevant and delivers value to its audience. This helps to build brand awareness and increase conversion rates. 

If your Facebook engagement is falling apart, don’t be disappointed. In this article, you will find seven surprising ways to increase Facebook engagement.

  1. Create Shareable Content 

Facebook is a social media network where people share valuable content with their friends and family. For business owners, it is an excellent way to boost engagement on their Facebook posts. So, create content that is relatable and shareable. Don’t expect your followers to engage in posts with brand promotions. 

Make compelling content that touches their emotions and inspires them. By making share-worthy content you’ll be able to provide immense value to your followers. This will not only promote your brand organically but also help you build a loyal customer base. 

  1. Promote User-generated Content 

One of the best ways to increase organic reach on Facebook is to focus on user-generated content. The Facebook algorithm gives a higher preference to content that receives early engagement. So, when you post stories from your followers, you not only gain massive engagement but also get noticed by the Facebook algorithm. 

People on social media get inclined towards content that is authentic and interesting. Posting user-generated content opens up an opportunity for your followers to share your content with their social network. And engagement on user-generated content is often seen as highly credible. Thus increasing your brand value. 

  1. Post Frequently 

The more frequently you post on Facebook, the more engagement you will get from your audience. However, make sure that your post quality content provides value to your followers. Craft your content carefully and schedule your posts to build consistency. Post scheduling is crucial to gain massive engagement on Facebook. 

You can use any post-scheduling app to analyze the best time to post. Usually, the best time is the time your audience is most active. Organize your content calendar and schedule your posts in advance. 

  1. Boost Your Content on Facebook 

Apart from buying Facebook followers from the best sites, you can increase engagement on Facebook by boosting your post. The Facebook algorithm prioritizes posts with friends and family over business content. This means that even if you have more followers on your Facebook business page, you’ll still not be able to reach most of them through an organic Facebook feed. 

Therefore, you must invest in boosting your posts. Boosted posts work extremely well in terms of increasing engagement and followers on Facebook. As you’ll get more engagement on your boosted post, the Facebook algorithm will automatically start promoting your post to a similar audience. 

  1. Interact with your Facebook Followers

You may buy Facebook likes to promote your business on Facebook. But you can turn them into loyal customers by interacting with them. Personal interactions are the key to engaging your audience. Moreover, people like to buy from brands that are authentic and responsive. It might encourage further discussions about your products. Thus helping you get organic leads. 

Always respond to comments, interact with people who are engaging with you and build valuable relationships with your audience. If any follower has a question or a complaint, try to resolve it immediately to show customer support. 

  1. Use Facebook Story 

Facebook stories are another effective way to increase engagement on Facebook. Share your daily routine at work, create behind-the-scenes content, and show how your products are made. Give your audience an insight into how you work and what goes behind building your brand. You can also use Facebook stories to share your story and values that’ll help your audience to connect with you on a personal level.  

  1. Go Live on Facebook 

Facebook Live is an amazing feature that drives big results when used efficiently. It is one of the best ways to engage your audience and interact with them in real-time. You can share relevant stories, increase brand awareness, answer questions, get feedback and discuss your products with your followers. It is an excellent way to connect with your followers and allow them to communicate with you in real-time. Thus increasing brand authenticity which will create a high level of trust and bonding. 


The above seven tips are the best ways to increase engagement on Facebook. Focus on creating high-quality content that is relatable and shareable. Create a balance to optimize your post engagement and generate more likes and comments. 

You can even buy Facebook followers from the best social media management sites. But without any engaging content or interactions, you’ll most likely lose your followers. You can even post user-generated content to boost your post engagement on Facebook. Take a look at the above Facebook strategies that’ll help you build your brand authenticity and credibility.

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