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Monday , February 6 2023

6,000 workers cleaning schools

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 21: With about 6,000 cleaners, government schools started the week with an extensive cleaning process to remove the effects of the rain witnessed in the country from last week, coinciding with the students’ attendance at the beginning of the week, reports Al- Rai daily. An engineering source explained that removing the mud and water from the school facilities is not difficult but it was hard work. However, the seasonal problem is the squeaking that exhausts the school administrations every winter.

The schools have not suffered any damage since the start of the rainy season, as the engineering departments worked to prepare well for the season by covering the electricity boxes and conducting pretreatment of the school networks and water fountains within the premises. Some of them had overflowed with water during the past week due to lack of ability of the main networks in the streets to drain these large amounts of rainwater. However, as soon as the wave subsided and the external networks drained out, the water in schools fl owed out through the major main networks.

The cases of squeaking are many and numerous, and almost affected most of the new schools that entered service recently. This problem will be addressed in the summer with a comprehensive reform of school insulators, but this matter is costly, long, and entails many things, the most important of which is the availability of the budget. This is considering the fact that December is almost here and the Ministry of Education’s annual budget has not yet been approved.

The source reassured that the situation in schools is good, but out of concern to avoid all expected problems with the increase in rainfall, the engineering departments of the ministry in the regions ring the bell of readiness for all possibilities. He explained that their work at the present time is focused on dealing with rain and its effects to ensure the end of the first semester without problems or learning disruption, especially since the study plan does not exceed ten weeks during the first semester.

Once the budget is approved, the engineering departments will prepare a time plan to carry out extensive maintenance operations in schools during the midschool vacations, provided that schools wash the water tanks, replace damaged ones, and carry out simple maintenance such as painting and limited renovations in toilets, classrooms, and some school facilities, at the expense of the school fund. The insulator repair plan will be launched in the summer, with the installation of about 10,000 air-conditioning units, in preparation for the next academic year. One of the most important projects that the educational facilities sector is currently implementing is the demolition and reconstruction of schools, but unfortunately they are carried out in line with a slow mechanism due to some routine procedures with companies.

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