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6-mth stay out of Kuwait for students

Currently I have permission for my son to stay out of Kuwait for the duration of his university studies, which is until June 2016. Please advise whether he needs to again enter the country before expiry of this permission (residence valid until April 2017) or can we again follow the same process and get another year of exemption until the expiry of the residence.

Name withheld
Answer: You have to get another exemption but remember you have to get that before the expiry of the current one. This can be done without your son entering Kuwait but remember if you don’t get the new permission before the expiry of the current, your son’s residence will automatically be terminated. So, go ahead and get the new permission a few weeks before the expiry of the current one so that if your request is rejected your son can still land in Kuwait before the current permission expires which will automatically result in him getting another six months to stay out of the country.

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