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Tuesday , December 6 2022

58% of govt construction projects face delay in completion

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Kuwait University projects top in implementation delays

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 4: Last August, the Government Performance Followup Agency of the Council of Ministers updated reports on the completion of government projects in various agencies, indicating that the last update of the data took place last May, and that work is continuing to implement 31 projects belonging to 6 ministries and institutions in the country, reports Al- Qabas daily.

The report stated that there are 18 projects with delays in delivering their scheduled works during the past years, representing 58% of the total projects whose implementation is being monitored. He added that the highest authority that is witnessing delays in implementing its projects is Kuwait University with a total of 8 projects, followed by The Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) projects – 4 projects and 3 each for the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport and the Ministry of Health. The agency is following up on two projects of the Ministry of Interior implemented by the Ministry of Works, where the completion rate of the building of the General Administration of Financial and Administrative Affairs in the Ministry of the Interior, which was started last year, reached 8.6%, while the completion rate of the building of the General Administration of Criminal Evidence was 40.6%.

With regard to the projects of the Directorate-General Administration of Civil Aviation, the agency indicated that the percentage of the construction, completion and maintenance of package 2 (service buildings, roads leading to the new terminal building and parking lots) amounted to 29%, and the works are expected to be completed next year.

The percentage of construction, completion, furnishing and maintenance of the new terminal building at the airport has reached 62.1%. As for the project of designing and constructing the new runway, reconstructing the eastern runway and related airways, infrastructure and services, its completion rate reached 72.6%. Regarding Kuwait University projects, he mentioned that the completion rate of the medical campus project, which is expected to be completed this year, has reached 65.3%, while the percentage of work in the eastern multi-storey shelters and sites project reached 96.6%, and it reached 98.1% for the western part.

The completion rate in the project of constructing roads, services, secondary power stations, surface parking lots, cosmetic agriculture and the oasis increased to 95.6%, and it reached 98.2% for the projects of constructing the 1st and 2nd central service stations and scattered buildings at the university, while it exceeded 64.1% for the project of constructing buildings for student activities and sports activities. According to the agency, the completion rate for the construction, operation and maintenance of the university’s administrative buildings reached 95.4%, while it reached 90.3% for the construction, completion and maintenance of supporting academic buildings.

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