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Monday , February 24 2020

50 sashes of challenge donned with blood … and ‘Al-Seyassah’ continues

WE always start our day by promising that tomorrow is another day of another challenge, and only another challenge preoccupies us.

It has been like that for the past 50 years of the ‘Al-Seyassah’ course of challenges and consistency of its principles.

We want it to be the image of Kuwait — always hopeful, promising and successful. Whenever we promise, we never back down from our position which is based on a society that has, since the start, taken upon itself openness, freedom of opinion — you respect other’s opinion, not impose it. In fact, we did not impose on anyone to be like us.

Our inspiration comes from our patriotic, pan-Arab and regional values, as well as our humanitarian values through which we always stand with humans in every place. We have never diverted from this value that has been the essence of journalism which contributes to shaping the future.

Al-Seyassah daily enters half a century of effort and hard work with happy and bitter moments, although the latter is always overshadowed by the sweetness of victory and overcoming challenges.

We have been pursued by oversight bodies which could not bear the truth. We have been shot and even an attempt to assassinate me by shooting and sending letters laced with harmful agents but they failed in all these occasions.

As we keep on carrying the bullet in our bodies, the newspaper continues to challenge every dawn of night bats and owls of destruction.

We chose the nation when others chose their personal interests; we and the nation emerged victorious. We chose the united Gulf region which expresses its culture and heritage. We neither bent for any inducements nor cower from any threat.

We did not stand with a group against another. We continue to strive for a united Gulf where the people and heritage are alike. The gulf derives determination and strength from its people’s unity fused by pedigree and kinship.

We did not support Palestine’s case with misleading slogans. Instead, we stood beside its people for them to decide their destiny, not for anyone to dictate to them.

However, when the zeal of Arab slogans started opposing the late Egyptian president Anwar Saddat’s historic realistic plan; we chose reality over illusion. With that, we bore insults and mistrust. Here we are moving forward in our course with confidence; because after decades, events proved that our position was right.

Many times, Al-Seyassah was closed through an administrative order. Whenever it resumed, it came back stronger. Many rumors spread when competition became intense, prompting the other to use that weapon. Nevertheless, the truth squashed their lies and we continue to make a new challenge with ink and paper.

Today, ‘Al-Seyassah’ rejuvenates by adopting modern technology spreading in all aspects due to its firm faith in creating hope.

Indeed, the hope of Kuwaiti youths, the Gulf and Arab does not relent. The daily spreads through social communication media and other modern technologies. At the same time, it maintains the press tradition; because the daily is the pulse of life, not a passing entity in the history of the Arab newspaper.

Many have passed through this culture of Arab journalism. It continues to be the culture that maintains principles of this sweet, tiresome profession. It will continue as long as Kuwait, the Gulf and the Arab world live, because it is one of the principles of this land and nation.

We highly appreciate those who sent cables of congratulations and bouquets of flowers. We say: You are part of making this challenge and your flowers ignite in us the commitment and determination to create new hope.

Together we celebrate with you the golden jubilee, the jubilee of pride of a Kuwaiti establishment which resembles Kuwait and resembles you. It is the jubilee that transcends the dream of our youths because we took upon ourselves to be the makers of tomorrow, not the captives of the past.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times



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