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3 yrs mandatory work under sponsor who brought you from abroad

I have been new to Kuwait, I have been working as a salesman as per my profession since December 2017 and I have received a much better offer, but my sponsor is not willing to give me the release. Is there a solution to get the release from my sponsor by approaching the Shoun office? Kindly advise, many thanks.

Name withheld

Answer: Per the information given, you have been in Kuwait and working for just one year. If our assumption is correct, we can therefore conclude that your current sponsor recruited you from your home country or outside Kuwait. Under the Kuwait Labour Law, you are mandated to offer three-year service to the sponsor who recruited you from outside Kuwait. Your sponsor is therefore within his rights to refuse to give you a release to join another company. The Shoun can be of no help to you unless you can prove to them that your current sponsor is not living by his/her contractual obligations and hence can be forced to grant you a release.

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