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Wednesday , June 29 2022

3 years jail for paragliders

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KUWAIT CITY, March 8t: The Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Major-General Faraj Al-Zuabi warned paragliding hobbyists of the launch of intense security campaigns to arrest them, confiscate their gliders, and register cases against them, which carry a penalty of up to three-year imprisonment, reports Al-Qabas daily.

In a press statement, he affirmed that the law will be applied on everyone, and no favoritism will be shown to anyone in matters concerning the security of Kuwait.

Major-General Al-Zuabi explained that the instructions issued by the security leadership in this regard are clear and explicit. They stipulate the need to immediately and decisively deal with unlicensed gliders, seize those in charge of them and their users, and refer them to the concerned authority without exception.

He revealed that the security authorities confiscated four paragliders in the last two weeks, adding that the authorities are looking for any unlicensed glider aircraft, and will not allow violators to fly in the Kuwaiti airspace.

Major-General Al-Zuabi said the security authorities had received complaints from the residents of chalets regarding the violation of their privacy by amateur paragliders, stressing that the security personnel will firmly deal with such violations and recklessness especially when it comes to violating the privacy of others. He highlighted that paragliding disrupts the air defense radars by flying in Kuwaiti airspace without a permit and usually appears as an unspecified air target.

Major-General Al-Zuabi explained that anyone who flies in Kuwaiti airspace without a license from the concerned authorities will face punishment of temporary imprisonment for a period of three years, according to law No. 31/1970 amending some provisions of penal Law No. 16/1960, which specified that the use of means of deception, fraud, concealment of personality, nationality, profession, or trait attract a three-year jail sentence, and the same penalties for attempting these crimes.

The law also specified that those who take pictures, drawings, or maps of sites or places in violation of the ban issued by the competent authorities, and those who enter a fortress, a defense facility, a camp, or a place where armed forces, warships or commercial ships, aircraft, military vehicles, arsenals, or any military place, shop, or factory carry out work in the interest of the defense of the country and where the public is prohibited from entering, will also face punishment of imprisonment for a period of three years.

The imprisonment for a period of three years is the punishment for anyone who resides or is found in sites and places where the military authorities have prohibited the public from entering.