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Wednesday , April 21 2021

3 arrested with 230 kgs of drugs

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 13: The Ministry of Interior stated that 230 kilograms of narcotic substances was confiscated and 3 persons who smuggled these drugs into Kuwait for the purpose of trafficking were arrested with coordination between the General Administration of Drugs control and Coast Guard.

The Ministry of Interior stated that information was received from secret sources  that the accused brought large quantities of narcotic substances into the country through sea from one of the neighboring countries with the intention of selling them. The consignment was dumped  in regional waters near one of the islands. 

With confirmed information legal permission was obtained from the competent authority to search the area. 3 bags containing a large amount of narcotics were found. After intensive investigation the traffickers were arrested along with 230 kgs of drugs from which 210 kgs were narcotic substance, 10 kgs of opium and 10 kgs of  psychotropic substance. After interrogating the accused they confessed that drugs belonged to them.

The accused along with confiscated drugs have been referred to the competent authorities to take legal action against them

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