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1890, 1929, 1930 … years of locust swarms

In 1930 locust caused serious harm to crops, houses and food supplies

KUWAIT CITY, June 7, (KUNA): Th e years 1890, 1929, and 1930 were known as periods when locust, in huge swarms, invaded Kuwait, causing considerable harm to people and their livelihoods. In his book (the history of Kuwait), late historian Abdulaziz Al-Rushaid said that the locust swarms in 1890 were so harmful.

The effects of the natural disaster were so devastating and overwhelming that people named that year as “Senat Al-Deba” the year of the crawlies. In the winter of 1929, wife of the British colonial administrator H.R.P. Dickson, Violet Penelope Dickson — also known fondly by Kuwaitis as “Umm Saud” — said that huge swarms of flying locust invaded the country seemingly blocking the sun.

Dickson, born in 1896 and deceased in 1991, indicated in her book (Forty Years in Kuwait) that the sight of the swarms was aweinspiring, adding that her children, Saud and Zahra, along with their Kuwaiti peers used to eat locusts during that year. A similar event occurred in 1930, causing serious harm to crops, houses, and food supplies.

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