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159 ‘public money’ cases heard; 131 with Prosecution, 28 in appeal

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 12: The report titles “public money issues”, which the government referred to the National Assembly, revealed that the judiciary looked into 159 cases during the first half of this year — 131 of which are with the Public Prosecution and 28 with the Court of Appeal, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the report issued by the Public Fund Issues Follow-up Committee headed by the Minister of Justice covering the period from January 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022, 40 government agencies reported that they had no public money cases, while 18 other parties reported having 168 cases.

The report stated that some authorities reported the issuance of rulings in some cases without clarifying whether these rulings are final or not, and that some parties referred to the issuance of rulings in some cases and did not clarify the nature of these rulings.

Among the observations are also the failure of some authorities to follow up on the cases and communications submitted by them to the Public Prosecution, and the failure of some authorities to follow up on the cases referred to the court on a regular basis. Also, in the same context, some authorities stated that defendants paid the seized amounts during the trial and they were not remitted to the authority, which calls for follow-up, and some authorities indicated that convictions were issued and the seized amounts returned and did not indicate whether they took the necessary measures to return the seized amounts or not.

The report revealed that the number of cases with the Public Prosecution during the same period amounted to 131, with 31 under investigation, 49 reserved, 16 related to grievances, 4 referred to jurisdiction, and 31 referred to the court. The majority of the cases relate to “negligent damage” with 44 cases representing 33.59 percent of the total cases, followed by “appropriation” at 39 cases with a percentage of 29.77%, then “grabbing and forgery” at 17 by 12.98 percent, and “embezzlement” by 11 by 11 percent. 8.4 percent. As for the cases before the Court of Appeal, there are 28, one of which is being heard by the court in its capacity as the permanent investigation committee for the trial of ministers.

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