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13,000 expats deported in 10 months

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 29:  In line with the  government plan to rectify the demographics and to clean up the country from residence violators and criminals, security sources revealed that 13,000 expats of various nationalities have been deported since the beginning of 2020 till yesterday. Some of them were deported due to public interest by  a decision of Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Lieutenant General Issam Al-Naham.

The number of deportees have been considerably less compared to the past two year, in 2018 34,000 and in 2019 40,000 expats were deported reports al qabas. There has been a decrease in deportation due to airports of various countries being shut due to the coronavirus crisis. From 13,000 deportation in the last 10 months 90% were related to  judicial rulings in felonies and misdemeanors  and 10% deportation related to health issues. 

Currently 900 men and women are in a deportation cell waiting for procedures to complete. After completing the procedures they will be deported to their homeland. The rate of deportation has been much faster compared to previous years mainly due to avoid overcrowding and to keep hygienic conditions for those behind bars.

Some expats of African countries remain in custody for long periods due to the closure of their countries’ airports until now, and cases that are still pending before the Kuwaiti judiciary, and others are due to travel bans for financial debts which they have to pay before leaving the country.

The reason to stop security campaigns was due to avoid overcrowding in the deportation center, investigation of residence for human trafficking, criminal investigation, difficulty in deporting expats to their countries due to lack of transit flights where Kuwait has been banned and vice versa.
The sources indicated that strict instructions were issued to the concerned departments in MOI not to tolerate any violations or breaking the law, and to refer everyone involved in any case to the concerned authorities without complacency.

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