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11,932 Kuwaitis looking for employment as of Jan 9, 2018 – 1,603,884 people working in private sector

KUWAIT CITY, March 24: The statistics issued by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) shows 11,932 Kuwaitis were looking for work as of Jan 9, 2018, reports Al- Rai daily.

The statistics also show 75,627 Kuwaitis were employed over the past five years out of the total 83,563 registered with the CSC.

The Kuwait University (KU) has referred a memorandum to the committee which is in charge of replacing the expatriates with the Kuwaitis stressing on the importance of revising some specializations which are surplus such as the kindergarten.

The memorandum noted the kindergarten has 600 specializations in excess. The memorandum also said a majority of the students do not enroll in rare specializations because the financial benefits are meager.

Meanwhile, reports from the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), the CSC and the KU until Jan 9, 2018 at the total number of employees in the private sector was 1,674,569 including Kuwaitis and expatriates, while the same report said 78,317 expatriates worked at the public sector.

The report issued by PAM shows 1,603,884 people including 1,525,420 male and 134,242 female employees work in the private sector. The report also showed the number of Kuwaitis in the private sector was 70,685 including 36,168 male and 34,517 female.

The reports showed the private sector employees work in different fields such as 198,979 in agriculture and fishing; 153,674 industries; 6,124 electricity and water; 201,773 construction and building sector; 627,707 wholesale and trade; restaurants and hotels, 82,561; storage and transportation, 61,902; and the rest in finance, insurance, business, society services, social services and personal services.

Reports by the CSC show the jobless Kuwaitis which account for 11,932 include 2,712 highly qualified; 794 holding diploma or equivalent certificates, 851 secondary certificates, 3,828 intermediate or equivalent, 3,479 less than intermediate and 268 holding certificates need to be accredited.

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