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0.06 percent unfit expat workers entered the country

KUWAIT CITY, July 1: The local companies concerned with overseas medical examination of expatriate workers examined about 913,000 expatriates in nine of the labor exporting countries from 2015 to 2018, reports Aljarida daily quoting informed sources.

They revealed that the percentage of unfit workers who entered the country during that period did not exceed 0.06 percent. The sources indicated that the tests carried out by these companies on expatriate workers prevented the entry of 360 expatriates suffering from AIDS, 21,500 suffering from tuberculosis, 4,764 hepatic and hepatitis cases, 236 cases of syphilis, and dozens of expatriates suffering from other infectious diseases.

They stressed that contracting with Kuwaiti companies in 2015 prevented the entry of thousands of people suffering from infectious diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and hepatitis in all its various types as well as AIDS.

The sources revealed that the national companies have increased examinations on these workers to prevent the entry of these people into Kuwait and to ensure those who do are free from infectious diseases and epidemics, adding that this is all aimed to uphold the health security of the country.

They explained that the infiltration rate of infectious diseases that entered the country prior to contracting with the national companies in those countries had reached between seven to ten percent of the number of workers that underwent examination.

After signing contract with these companies, the infiltration rate of people suffering from such diseases did not exceed 0.06 percent. This percentage is much lower than the prevalent international ratios recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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