Cries of kids, self-lit fires in haunted house Smoking ‘sheesha’ on road

KUWAIT CITY, July 4: Kuwaiti Mansour Al-Ajmi who claims his house in a suburb of Fahd Al-Ahmad is haunted has appealed to HH the Prime Minister and the State Minister for Housing Affairs to allot him and his family a house in another area, reports Al-Dar daily.
Al-Ajmi claims his family can hear the weeping of children and either at 5:00 am or 5:00 pm some part of the house catches fire.
He went on to say with the help of his children he prepares buckets of water to put out the fire although he does not know which part of the house will go up in flames. Al-Ajmi added he was advised to play verses from the Holy Quran but the cassette player caught fire when the verses were being played.
He added when firemen were called to put out the fire, they too heard cries of children and they thought there were more children in addition to his five children.
Firemen and personnel from the Criminal Evidences Department have failed to identify the cause of the fire.
Al-Ajmi says he now lives in a rented house in Oqaila and pays KD 800 a month.

Smoking ‘sheesha’ on road: Police have arrested a Kuwaiti man in his 30s for consuming alcohol, reports Al-Shahed daily.
According to reports the drunkard was caught on the Salmi Motorway. He had parked his vehicle in a dangerous position and was smoking sheesha when police took him into custody. During interrogation police found the man was driving a car which was earlier involved in a theft case.
When police ordered him to get into the car, he requested the cops to allow him to take the sheesha with him but his request was turned down.

Livestock stolen:  Police are looking for five unidentified burglars who allegedly broke into a livestock pen in Salmi and escaped with 10 heads of cattle after tying and beating the guard, reports Al-Shahed daily.
The daily did not give more details.


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