Zayn Malik reflects on One Direction departure: ‘I Wish I Enjoyed It More’

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Zayn Malik

LOS ANGELES, May 12: In a candid conversation on the Zach Sang Show, Zayn Malik delves into his reflections and revelations about his time with One Direction, expressing his profound regrets about not fully embracing the band experience.

Reflecting on his past, the 31-year-old “Pillowtalk” singer shared, “The main thing that I always feel bad about when I look back over my life is not enjoying the band enough.” He lamented his tendency to take things too seriously and emphasized his newfound ability to appreciate life with a positive perspective, stating, “I’m grateful that I’m able to be happier now. I can actually enjoy things and own my own perspective a bit. Like, a glass half full versus it being half empty. That’s my choice.”

Malik’s departure from One Direction in March 2015 stunned fans worldwide. He confessed that his younger self struggled to understand the importance of happiness, admitting, “I had this, like, teen angst thing going on — chip on my shoulder.” Recognizing the folly of his past mindset, he acknowledged, “It’s not. You’re just a loser. Let’s be honest, you know what I mean?”

The pop star’s personal growth extends to his views on relationships, as he grapples with the concept of love. Despite his high-profile romance with supermodel Gigi Hadid, Malik confessed, “I don’t know how you know what love is.” He candidly admitted to uncertainties about experiencing true love, acknowledging the complexities and variables involved.

As Malik navigates his journey of self-discovery and introspection, his openness about his regrets, personal growth, and uncertainties offers fans a glimpse into the multifaceted artist’s inner world.

This news has been read 371 times!

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