YouTube Vs Netflix: Which One is Best for Streaming

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However, this amazing site is facing constant competition from sites like Netflix that are taking over the world of videos. 

The only issue is which one should be better? You should use YouTube or Netflix? If all of them are suitable for streaming, which one should we use? Let ‘s examine the two of them one by one:

About Netflix

As of 2019, Netflix has 148 million subscribers globally, with 60 million in the U.S. Offering movies and TV shows, the website features hit titles such as Buddies, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Shrek and Pitch Perfect. Of course, that’s only a few of the hundreds of titles kept on the premium platform, with users being able to get contracts starting at £ 5.99 a month.

The brand has been diversified since it was established in 1997. The company is also making and distributing ‘Netflix Originals’ made up of films and TV shows that have achieved worldwide recognition and fame for their norm. This can be seen particularly in Stranger Things, and Orange is the New Black, which has brought stars like Taylor Shilling, Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown to world renown.

While I could go on indefinitely with the infinite number of popular Netflix shows, there’s plenty to think about as we talk about the 7th most successful internet company in the world. With sales of $15.8 billion, the organisation is housing 5,400 workers, a tiny army relative to Facebook’s 5th richest organisation, with 25,000 employees.


  • First things first, the originals of Netflix have made a special spot in our hearts. Besides 13 reasons, how to get away with murder, every show is fascinating. Each series releases season every now and then to keep the audience attracted and entertained.
  • You don’t have to think about the advertisements that annoy you. The contents offered by Netflix are fully ad-free.
  • You will stream the programmes and watch them at your leisure. That ensures that if you’re in a position where you can access the WiFi, you can watch the videos you’ve already downloaded and enjoy your favourite programmes.
  • There are different pricing options for different customers, so you can conveniently pick the one that best suits you. Multiple users will stream at the same time as you want.
  • High quality content is made available.


  • It’s not free. Although the price is not that much, you will have to pay for your subscription. And the least you spend, the less shows you can do at the same time.
  • Netflix does have its own shows and so on, but the choice of shows depends on the venue. If you’re not staying in the USA, you’re going to have to use the best Netflix VPN to watch content exclusively available on Netflix US.
  • Netflix can not be used for marketing gain. It’s used exclusively for your amusement.
  • While all the content available is of high quality, it takes time for new content to be submitted. It’s making the library old and uninteresting.

About YouTube

In the other hand, YouTube is continually evolving. Since 2005, the video sharing site has attracted global notice, with hundreds of self-proclaimed ‘creators,’ making money off the site via the ‘Adsense’ scheme. However, in 2015, the website initiated the YouTube ‘Premium’ movement, partnering at the time with producers such as PewDiePie to pay movie content.

The membership allows holders to stream files, view files offline, and access songs. Starting at £11.99 a month, this appeared to me to be a glaring attempt to join the streaming market with Netflix. May this show YouTube’s user insecurity?

With no numbers available, it’s not that easy to judge the impact of YouTube’s change, but the fact that a lot of users make 40 minutes to an hour at a time, the videos get more than 5 million views. Dawson’s most recent on-going series, ‘The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star,’ illustrates this, with the most current episode receiving 12 million views on YouTube in two days, such as KSI, Jake Paul and Jeffree Star continuing to achieve worldwide popularity. However, we can see the content turn on YouTube and connect it to the Netflix platform.

American star Shane Dawson uploads serial applications like photographs. Over a span of 40 minutes to an hour, the videos have more than 5 million views. Dawson’s most recent series, ‘The Wonderful World of Jeffree Star,’ reflects this, with the most recent episode attracting 12 million views in two days.


  • The biggest benefit of using YouTube is that it is absolutely free of cost. You don’t have to spend a single penny to use YouTube. All you need is an internet service, and you’re ready to go. Youtube has introduced a new application where you can stream your favourite shows and replay them later, with or without the internet.
  • Youtube is not just ideal for streaming; your company will get a boost if you use YouTube for business purposes and you can also buy YouTube Subscribers & Views from different sites, find the list of these sites at The Verified List
  • If you use YouTube for marketing purposes, Google would gladly show you what users are looking for similar content. Remember, it’s not just people who are watching videos, but Google still likes videos.


  • YouTube is giving free comments to all of you. So, even though the material is good, the haters would hate it anyway!
  • YouTube has uncensored material, which could be bad for younger generations.
  • Controversial services have often seen to damage people ‘s convictions.
  • Commercials often make people irritate. People tend to watch their favourite shows without any distractions.
  • You’ll need to subscribe to YouTube Red in order to enjoy YouTube Originals.


While YouTube is a definite winner with the number of subscribers it currently has, the channel does not equal the level of entertainment that Netflix has to deliver. In comparison, Netflix lets you watch all their movies, shows documentaries at a fair price. 

So, if you ask me, I ‘d suggest you’re going to love YouTube with all the free content. When it comes to saving money, Netflix is the platform you ought to use.

This news has been read 22234 times!

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